12 Best Press-On nails of 2022

Some people are not capable of doing amazing feats. NailsYou don’t have to do any work, but press-on nail kit allows you to put your best foot forward. Press-on nail kit is a fast and simple alternative to traditional nails. ManicureThese can boost your self-confidence and help you feel better. All types of press-ons were examined and we determined which ones are worth the time and effort.

The top-rated brands were tested to determine the best nail pressers. One clear winner was found from dissolution to application. Olive & June Press-Ons (Olive & Juniper are both available)The Best Overall Pick was made up of many different designs and it was simple to apply. It was also easy to take off.

Credit: Read / BetseyGoldwasser

Olive & June’s nail press-ons are easy to apply and take off. You can also choose from a range of designs.

Our testing of Press-On Nails

The Tester

A hand wearing press-on nails laying on a marble tabletop in front of a set of matching press-ons.

Credit: Review by BetseyGoldwasser

Each nail was applied and I waited for the results.

I’m Liv Birdsall, a contributor for Reviewed with a history of biting, painting, and growing out my nails, as well as trying different press-ons to keep them looking presentable. As a writer about beauty and small hands, I was intrigued by the different shapes and sizes that press-on nail varnishes come in. Excited to try out different styles and designs for my daily life, I also wanted to test them.

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The Tests

For the top press-on brands I looked on social media and at retailers as well as in editorial lists to find them. Over the period of two months, I applied each kit to my own nails.

The testing process was straightforward: apply the nails according to the respective kits’ instructions, wear them until they begin to fall off or look overgrown, and then remove them by soaking my nails and using any provided tools. Each set was carefully examined through the three stages to see what brands took more time and effort. Tracking things such as whether it was difficult to shape the nails or was too long was a key part of my research. Throughout testing, I scored the press-on nails on a calibrated rubic created by Reviewed’s team of experts to see how they would rank amongst each other.

The Facts You Should Know about Press-On Nails

An array of press-on nail sets laid out on a marble tabletop.

Credit: Read / BetseyGoldwasser

To find the perfect press-on nail, we tried many.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right pair of nail press-ons.

Form and length: The biggest determinant while shopping for press-on nails is knowing what shape and length of nails you’re interested in. If you’ve never had long nails, you may want to avoid extra-long sets or pointy shapes like stiletto, coffin, and arrowhead styles. One of the benefits of press-ons is that you can experiment with nails that you don’t typically have naturally, so you can try new shapes and lengths—and of course designs—but you want the nails to be practical and sensical for your life, too. If you work with food, play sports, or have kids, you may want shorter nails that won’t scratch or get in the way.

Wear timeEach nail brand makes claims about how long they will last. While some nails can last up to 2 weeks, others may only be used for a brief time. These can be used for photoshoots and formal events. Before you purchase a set of nails, consider what purpose you’ll be wearing the nails for. If you want to try press-ons just for fun, pick a set that should last at least a week; you can get a feel for the nails’ comfort over a period of days while still being able to remove them early if you choose.

ToolYou won’t find all kits that include tools to remove or apply nails. If you’re a beginner, you might want a set that has everything—a buffer, Nail glue, Do not forget to saveAnd wooden stick for removal—unless you have tools handy. You may also want a kit with the tools rather than packing your own tools for other reasons, like if you’re traveling or applying a set on short notice. It is convenient to have all the tools in one kit. You can have everything you need, no matter what set you pick.

We also tested other Press-On Nails

12 Best Press-On nails of 2022

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