15 Longest-Lasting, No-Chip Nail Polishes 2022

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Confession: I remember my last nail-barety experience at five years of age. When I was 6, my mom painted my tiny nails before a ballet recital, and they haven’t been bare since. This was the shade. Essie’s Ballet Slippers (great choice, Mom).

I am a nail-polish obsessive and if you do the math, I’ve been obsessed for almost two decades. I’ve had more drunken nail-polish-shopping binges than I care to admit. Rubber gloves are more useful than for washing dishes at home. I don’t want to ruin my mani. I was sent home by my manicurist last week with my nails still bare.

So you can trust me when I say that I’ve tried every polish on the market. and these are the ones I know won’t let me down. So, I collected top-rated no chip polishes with the highest user feedback. Below is my full list, separated by length for each nail polish.

You can use this polish twice, which will give it a two-week shelf life. The shine is beautiful and lasts for up to 2 weeks. You don’t need a base coat, but it’s important that you use the brand’s Gel Couture top coatUse these tips to get the best results. Over 50 colors are available. Gel Couture lineAny bottle can be a profitable and reliable investment.

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Butter London says their new formula will give you stronger and more vibrant nails. The polish lasted 10 days with no signs of chipping and loss of shine. I get my nails stained and yellowed by some polishes. This is not the case.

Chips that are darker in color and have nudes stand out more than chips with lighter nudes and colors. This one normally remains chipless for around seven to ten days if you apply two coats plus a layer of the brand’s top coat. Miracle Gel polishes were one of the first in the market of UV-free, long-lasting polishes, and they’ve continued to be an affordable drugstore favorite. (The Cut and Strategist They are loved by both of them.

Amazon’s nail varnish has received almost 2,000 5-star reviews. The brand ILNP (which stands for I Love Nail Polish) is also loved. Laqueristas, Reddit’s nail-obsessive community. Recommendations praise its durability and transparency. Reviewers also like the variety of colors that can be applied in just one coat.

You’ve probably seen these sweet, candy-colored nail polishes on Instagam, on the hands of celebrities like Mandy Moore and others. They helped make the Skittles manicure popular (with Harry Styles’ assistance), and are famous for making some of the most durable nail polishes. This brand was a “Mani Marathon”Contest. Contest.

Hudson Cuneo.

I can always count on OPI’s Bubble Bath to stay intact for days. This is the color I use when traveling, because I won’t have to worry about having to touch it up. Two thin layers can be enough to give nails a natural shine. OPI nail polishes with darker shades than white will chip in two days. The life expectancy of lighter colors is longer.

The polish can be used without UV light and foil removal. With three coats, it can be worn for up to ten days. It takes longer for it to dry but it’s worth it. This can be applied with any type of topcoat or base coat.

Dineh Mohammadohajer is the founder of Hard Candy. Since then, it has won my love and trust. When I received my first manicure from a departmental retailer, I was skeptical. However, after seven days, I had perfect nails. Lovers Creep is the most popular deep-red nail varnish since that time. I love Lovers Creep’s quirky colors and unique metallic bottles. The formula also doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals. Eighteen dollars is a lot, but it’s worth it.

Although this polish doesn’t claim to be gel-like, it can last up to seven days with two to three coats. It dried very quickly. Pixie is a perfect light-pink gloss that doesn’t crack after a few days of wear. What’s great about Jin Soon polishes is that they’re free of harsh chemicals, have UV filter protection, and are not tested on animals. Jin Soon polishes may be used up to 10 year without restriction. No costFormaldehyde, toluene and camphor are DBP.

From personal experience, this gel-effect polish goes on extremely smooth; plus the brush shape and length give you a salon-worthy mani when you’re doing it at home, filling even the hard-to-reach areas of your nails with rich color. Gel-effect polish can only be applied with the right tools. BaseUnd The top coatYou can use it for up to 10 days or longer. It has a beautiful, glass-like shine. Yes, it’s expensive because it’s Dior, but the reviewers also say the price is well worth the wear you get out of a single bottle.

Ella + Mila’s quick-drying and chip-resistant nail polish is opaque and doesn’t require multiple coats — unless you prefer to apply more than one. It’s also vegan, cruelty-free, and 17-free, meaning it’s free of 17 harsh ingredients like formaldehyde and camphor that can be common in some nail-polish formulas. This specific shade has more than 4,000 ratings with a rating of 4.5 out of 5, but if blue isn’t for you, there is no shortage of other equally vibrant colors.

Nail polish enthusiasts love this black polish. They praise it as even better and richer-looking than Chanel’s Black Satin, the original shade which kicked off the black polish trend 2006. A single coat suffices. —Kathleen Hou

If you tire of pastels, you’ll love J.Hannah’s “ugly cool” colors — the nail polish equivalent of “ugly pants.”Some of the colors look pretty simple, like this striking, sludge green, called Eames. The brand’s Instagram is full of beautiful hands, artfully draped like a 1960s Vogue. —K.H.

Like Jin Soon, côte is “10-free” – guaranteed to be free of the ten most toxic ingredients found in polishes. If you hate sparkle, you’ll like this brand’s Farrow and Ball-like approach to matte nail-polish color. —K.H.

This luxurious black-owned nail polish can be used to make a vegan, 10-free manicure, as well as cruelty-free and vegan. They apply like a dream, stay just as smooth and chip-free well past the week-mark, and come in unique colors that pop on all skin tones, like this groovy chartreuse that’ll transport you straight to summertime. —Erica Smith

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15 Longest-Lasting, No-Chip Nail Polishes 2022

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