The 17 best nail stickers and wraps that will last in 2022

Even though it might seem tiny, polished nails are a great way to instantly improve your mood. While nail art used to be limited to simple designs or something left to the well-trained salon pros, the increasing availability of gorgeous nail stickers (and press-ons) means you can easily add artistic flair to your DIY manicure and pedicure—without spending much money or time and without damaging your digits.

“Not everyone wants to sport long press-on nails,”Brittney Boyce founded the nail art salon of NAILS OF LA. “They want the ease and convenience of sporting a cool nail design, without the added length of a press-on.” Nail wraps take only a few minutes to apply and do not require any drying time, and you can do it yourself at home—plus, they last for a few days and are easy to remove, she explains. You can even add a top coat to help your nail stickers stay longer—particularly to the top edge of the nail, says Boyce.

Many designs are available. There are many options available: decals that have a Zodiac theme, floral wraps and bold colors. You can use these products in many different styles.

What are you waiting for? These cute and long-lasting nail covers are so versatile that everyone can ask you the same question. You might be the one who knows.

The Top 5 Picks

• Best for a Night Out: Nail wraps for Artists

• Best for Vacations: Crystal Clear Gloss Ultra Shine Gel Strips

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• Best Value for the Money: Deco Miami Nail Art Stickers

• Best Creative Designs: Stickers to Whaline Nail Art

• Best Mani-Pedi Combo: Pink Mother of Pearl Nail art

• Best Customizable Designs: BASE COAT Nail Art Set

The 17 best nail stickers and wraps that will last in 2022

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