Here are 24 unique Easter basket ideas for everybody

Easter is nearly here, folks, which means it’s time to start focusing on egg dyeing, brunch outfitsEverything basket-related

“Gone are the days of Easter baskets being reserved strictly for gifting candy,”Jennifer Lynch is a specialist on toy trends. The Toy Association. “These days, baskets can offer families a fun opportunity to move beyond sugary sweets and instead opt for some playful alternatives. Plus, toys are something the whole family can enjoy.”

Whether you’re looking for a prepackaged Easter baskets, the prettiest custom options or just some plain ol’ #Easterbasketinspo for all ages, we’ve got you covered in our roundup below.

$16 Amazon

It’s a great way of hitting two birds with one stone by filling Easter baskets full of essentials. The Sticky Be socks have grippers on the bottom, and are available in options for boys and girls. They’re a fantastic way to stockpile cute essentials for children. Each pair has a unique mantra printed on the soles. “be brave”Or “be kind.”

Start at $5.94 Amazon

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Fescuty Rainbow Fidget Toys

Popits are having a major moment, and the trend isn’t going anywhere. Great for relieving stress, these ultra-portable fidget toys provide sensory-based brain breaks and they’re easy to clean to boot.

Prices start at $5 Amazon

It's Not Easy Being a Bunny

What is the best Easter book? There isn’t one. Marilyn Sadler is a beloved author who has written a book that’s great for beginners.

$14.99 Amazon

Dino Egg Bath Bombs for Kids

There are bath bombs that aren’t bath bombs and there are bathbombs that have surprise toys inside. This adorable set of six egg-shaped bombs comes with with hidden dinosaur figurines inside and illustrated cards, making bath time more educational than it’s ever been.

Start at $19.99 Amazon

Move2Play Egg Toss

Just like the classic egg toss of yore — minus the mess — this soft, egg-shaped game is guaranteed fun for solo play and groups alike. It has 40 hilarious replies from smart sensors that recognize when it is catching or tossing. Which is your favorite? “Egg-cellent catch!”

$21.99$19.28 Amazon

Play-Doh Eggs, 24-Pack

You can never have enough Play-Doh, so let’s use Easter as an excuse to stock up. We’re loving the cute egg-shaped containers (perfect for this holiday!These were created exclusively by Amazon.

$16.14 Amazon

Little Kids Fubbles No-Spill Mini Bubble Tumbler, 3 Pack

Kids love bubbles. Parents? Parents? Parents: This activity can be messy, and may result in spillages. However, there are very few bubbles. Enter: Fubbles! They are difficult to spill. “bubble tumblers”Both small and big children will love them.

$29.99 Amazon

Baby’s First Easter Personalized Children’s Book

Create an Easter memory that lasts a lifetime with this customized children’s book that will incorporate your kiddo’s name not only on the cover, but throughout the Easter egg hunt story as well.

$16.29 Amazon

Melissa & Doug Burrow Bunny Rabbit Stuffed Animal

An Easter basket isn’t complete without a cuddly stuffed animal, and this sweet bunny from Melissa & Doug is beloved by nearly 10,000 Amazon shoppers. It is extremely soft and cuddly with long, fuzzy ears.

Save $29 Amazon

Petite 'n Pretty Glow Basics Makeup Starter Gift Set.

We love a starter kit that isn’t toxic and creates a low-key glow, rather than Cruella Deville-level glamour. This set comes with a small palette, including eyeshadows, lipstick, lip gloss and mascara. It also includes a bag.

$5 Target

Stoney Clover Lane x Target Light Pink Letter Patches

One of Target’s most anticipated collabs just launched, and lucky for us it’s definitely Easter-basket-friendly. All things clothing, including PJs! to accessories (neck pillows!) Accessory to travel (neck pillows!) Sheetmasks are essential beauty products! There are 300+ options for teens to choose from. You can add these adorable patches to your jackets or bags. We’re big fans of the gold sparkle detail and that each one has an adhesive backing.

$14.99 Target

Föm Mania! Fomilator

Amp up your teen’s interest in this year’s Easter egg hunt with a few of these foam guns that will add a hilarious dose of fun to the annual tradition. Producing a fluffy, thick stream of foam, the guns can shoot up to 15 feet and require zero cleanup — the suds simply dissolve when the party has ended!

$14.99Start at $9.99 Amazon

Finger Rock Store Magnetic Rings Fidget Toy Set

This magnetic ring set is great for large kids. This ring can be used for spinning or playing games, such as billiards or hockey.

$8.59 Target

Rifle Paper Co. + Venus Strawberry Fields Disposable Razors.

While razors can be useful, you need to make them fashionable. Rifle Paper Co. can do it. The stationery company’s latest collaboration with Venus has resulted in the prettiest razors we ever did see — which will surely delight those newly-minted in the shaving game, and look super cute in the ol’ basket, too.

$20 Target

Stoney Clover Lane x Target Light Yellow Fanny Pack

We never met a fanny pack we didn’t like, and that includes this lemonade-hued option from the Stoney Clover Lane x Target launch. The bag is also available in green, white and pink as well as many other colors. Teens and tweens alike will appreciate the bag’s cool factor, and that it can carry all their essentials when they’re on the go.

Start at $16 Amazon

adidas Originals Washed Bucket Hat

Everything ‘90s are back again, and that includes bucket hats, which makes them a perfect basket filler for teen boys and girls alike. Amazon’s bestseller in the category is this classic style from Adidas, which comes in more than 30 colors and patterns — ranging from fun tie-dyes to colorful camouflages.

$28$25.20 Etsy

Zoeys Attic Kids Easter Basket

Meet one of Etsy’s bestselling Easter baskets! The adorable, linen bag is rated 54,000 high by customers. The bag can be personalized with a name. The bag can be customized with a name and coloured bunny ears (pink, green or blue). You will receive the product within one week and it can be customized in just a few days.

$34 Pottery Barn Kids

Pottery Barn Kids Long Ear Fur Bunny Easter Treat Bucket.

Imagine a combination of a stuffed animal and an Easter basket. This is how it would look. Ultra-cuddly, these faux fur buckets are ideal for the younger set as they don’t hold quite as much as a traditional, larger basket. Monogramming costs $15 more and takes a little longer to get your items.

Start at $35 Pottery Barn KidsStarts at $19.50 Pottery Barn Kids

Pottery Barn Kids Natural Sabrina Easter Baskets & Gingham Bunny Face Liners

This we know: Pottery Barn Kids makes a beautiful Easter basket that is going to stand the test of time (or at least last for your kiddo’s entire childhood). While the retailer has lots of Easter options, we love Sabrina’s old-school wicker detailing and that it comes in small and large sizes. You can monogram these adorable gingham bunny facesliners with floppy ears.

Prices starting at $29.99 Amazon

Let's Make Memories Personalized Furry Friends Easter Basket

Listen, we’re all juggling a million things at once, which is why this pre-packed basket is a great option. There are seven cute animal options. Baskets are $29.99 each and come with a jelly bean, grass filler, or chocolate eggs. You can also add a plush bunny or jelly beans to your basket, as well as chocolate eggs and chocolate eggs.

$24.99$16.99 Amazon

Organic Cherry Tomato Windowsill Planter

The cute and self-watering tomato planter will delight green thumbs. Not only is the planter a fun DIY project, but you’ll also get to reap the benefits — a heap of cherry tomatoes!

Start at $11.95 Amazon

Fleur D' Extase Soap Gift Set

Fascinating soaps are great gifts. Set includes 9 fragrances, all scented with essential oils. They are all natural.

$16 Sephora

Nails Inc. Feeling So Fly Duo and Sticker Nail Polish Set

The nail art trend isn’t going anywhere, and we love a DIY kit that is actually easy! Nails Inc.’s butterfly nail polish collection includes quick-drying colors and water-transfer butterflies stickers, which can be placed strategically on the nails.

$16.48 Amazon

Proud Grill Q-Swiper BBQ Grill Cleaner Set.

For the chef in your life, grilling season is upon us — but your grill might be a bit dirty after that long winter. Over 1,200 Amazon reviews have been written about the Proud Grill Q-Swiper BBQ Grill Cleaner Set. You can make your grill sparkle again without wires or bristles.

Here are 24 unique Easter basket ideas for everybody

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