The 42 best Easter baskets and filler ideas 2022

Photograph-Ilustration: The Strategist. Photo by Retailers

Easter baskets are the Christmas stockings of spring — and there’s an art to filling them with a mix of delightful surprises and practical goodies without overspending. As both a parent of two kids and a Strategist editor whose job involves thinking about gift-giving all day long, I deeply understand this challenge — so I’ve compiled a list of excellent Easter basket fillers (many of which we’ve written about before, and all of which are available on Amazon) for every type of kid whether you’re shopping for a toddler, an 8-year-old, a full-fledged teen, or all three. I’ve even included a few actual baskets to hold it all, from the traditional to the extremely less-so. Read on for the ultimate Easter Bunny guide. Grab your jelly beans.

Tomy Toomies Hide & Squeak Eggs
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These eggs were purchased for my daughter when she was six months old. They became an instant favorite toy — and 6 years later, they’re still in rotation as an ingredient in our play kitchen.

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The 42 best Easter baskets and filler ideas 2022

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