Five amazing ways to bring more joy into your Diwali weekend

New Delhi [India]Diwali, which falls on October 22 (ANI/GPRC) is right around the corner. For this festival of joy, people dress up in Indian costumes, also known as the Festival of Lights or the Festival of Joy. As the sun sets, festival-goers dress in brightly colored clothes and light candles. Families and friends can enjoy the festival in many different ways including fireworks and feasting. Diwali this year will last for four days. There is plenty of time for everyone to complete the Diwali rituals. Don’t worry, we have listed five great ways to bring more joy to your Diwali celebrations.

1. Myntra styling sessions Live styling

Myntra is an Indian major fashionIndian ecommerce company with its headquarters in Bengaluru. Styling has become so easy thanks to the live sessions. They also include the caption with the link to the photos of the gowns worn during the sessions. 2. Kafqa Academy will get you on the dance floor.

Between 22 and 23 October 2022, you can dance with choreographers who specialize in kids choreography. This is the best thing about it. You can learn to dance from your home and don’t have to spend a dime. Kafqa Academy is an online academy that teaches performing arts. It was founded by Shariq Plastikwala, ex-Amazon Director. It recently revealed that the academy will offer classes for free for professional dancers. The Kafqa App can be downloaded in both the Apple App Store or Google Playstore to allow you to access these classes from your own home. Two well-known dancers will teach the Kafqa sessions, Deepak Tulsyan and TusharShetty.

Kafqa Academy has classes you’ll love. Learn more. You can take online classes in many types of performing arts. These include modern and classical dancing, as well as vocal arts such Bharatanatyam or Hip-hop, Bollywood and other styles. Academy students have the opportunity to train with professionals in classical dance who have over 15 years of experience. You can take classes at your home for as little as 2 years. Vidwath (seniormost) is available. 3. Pankhuri’s Rangoli and DIY Sessions

Beautiful rangolis are a must for Diwali. Rangoli DIY with Pankhuri’s creators is the place to be this Diwali weekend if you want one that just catches the eye. Pankhuri, an online community for women that offers live streaming and micro-courses as well as networking opportunities with others, is a platform. Pankhuri provides a community for women only that gives them knowledge on topics like beauty. fashionLive will give women the opportunity to meet with professionals and to get answers to specific questions.

Enjoy fun and easy DIY and Rangoli sessions with Pankhuri’s creators. For all questions they can be reached live at the session. To make Diwali rangolis that will be remembered, download the Pankhuri App from the Apple App Store and Google Playstore. Customised gifts made with

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Diwali without gifts is meaningless. can be your Diwali best friend. offers same-day delivery in more than 400 Indian cities and delivers gifts to 150+ countries. sells handmade, personalized, gourmet and floral gifting items online. is known for crafting premium, handcrafted holiday collections that can be customized to meet any individual’s tastes. You can surprise loved ones with something personal from this Diwali. Browse their extensive catalog, which includes every Diwali item handcrafted in Rajasthani by artisans.

Appstore and the Playstore are India’s largest multi-category gifting platforms. You can find a variety of merchandise and personalized gifts that will suit any occasion on the Appstore. With their assistance and your lovely wishes, you can get gifts delivered within one day. 5. Eloelo lets you play childhood games

In their youth, every child enjoyed games such as Tambola and Tol Molke Bol. These games are also available to be enjoyed with hundreds of people, and you can even play them live! Sounds exciting? Right! Download the Eloelo App. Eloelo was created by Akshay Pandey and Saurabh Panday, and is an online social gaming platform and live-streaming service based out of Bangalore. Eloelo is a combination of live streaming and social games. It’s very near India. The app’s live sessions are available in Indian languages. The sessions are hosted by creators from their own homes, creating an experience similar to a TV. With the live streaming of Eloelo streamers, you can enjoy Indian games indoors.

Myntra is an Indian major fashionE-commerce site with headquarters in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Styling has never been easier thanks to the live sessions. They also offer a link to the caption of the gowns worn during the sessions. This story was provided by GPRC. The content of the article was not created by ANI. (ANI/GPRC)

Five amazing ways to bring more joy into your Diwali weekend

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