Five DIY French Manicure Hacks to Get a Perfect End Results

The French manicure has returned after a decade of hiatus. In its classic form, this iconic mani consists of a glossy, sheer pink or nude base with opaque white tips—but there are so many iterations today. While some have a monochromatic or rainbow color scheme, others use vibrant and colorful colors. Others emphasize the use of interesting shapes or textures in tips.

“The French manicure technique was originated by the legendary Max Factor in Hollywood in the early 1930s and quickly became a favorite trend in Hollywood,”This explains Deborah LippmannThe eponymous label was founded by a celebrity manicurist. “It was an understated and classic look that complemented costumes without upstaging the look.”

She is convinced that “chic”Factor didn’t really take off until it reached the Paris runways. “go-to”Be on the lookout for celebrities who are famous at the moment (think Cher and Barbra Streisand).

A perfect tip line can make a nail look either classic or polished. Ask nail professionals for their tips, tricks and techniques to achieve this look at home.

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1. Use a stamping device

Your best friend is a stamping tool ParticularlyIf you don’t consider yourself a nail artist, These are essentially squishy nail stampers that you push your nails into for a quick tip. BlueZOO’s Nail Art Stamper ($6 and the JimiLace Jelly Nail Head Silicone Art Stamper ($4; etsy.comThese are two examples.

“Simply paint a couple of coats of nail polish in the color you want for your French tips on the nail stamper, then gently push the tip of your fingernail into the stamp at an angle,”Darlene is a manicurist. OPINorth America capability and education manager. You can gently pull off your fingernail, by moving the tool around a bit to coat all of it. The result will be a French-tipped manicure.

2. Use manicure stickers

Another trick to a perfect French manicure is using stickers. Place a small manicure sticker under the tips of your nails after you’ve dried your base coat. Be sure to secure the edges.

Then paint your tip color on the sticker. The sticker can be used to paint “outside of the lines.”Let the tip dry, then carefully peel off sticker to reveal clean lines.

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3. Opt for a Rolling Technique

If you don’t have the funds or time to purchase stamping tools, you can try a simple rolling method. “Turn the brush sideways and, starting at the nail line, keep the brush still while you roll your finger to the other side,”Lippmann agrees. Lippmann agrees. It makes things more uniform and stabilizes them, decreasing the chances of any stray lines.

4. Clean Up Brush – Take Advantage

You should do some cleanup after painting, no matter the French manicure style you choose. Sritipan advises using a brush to clean up, like the Olive & June Nail Grooming and Brush ($8). or Maniology’s Angled Precision Brush #105 ($9;

“A clean up brush is a nail artist’s best friend. It’s like a magic eraser and helps to remove any excess or unwanted nail polish,”Sritipan. “For example, if your line was too thick, you can remove a bit of nail polish to thin the line. Or if you accidentally got nail polish on your skin, you can use the clean up brush to remove it.”

Dip the brush into nail polish remover, and clean off any excess. Clean the edges.

5. Take your time and be patient

You need patience, a plan and perseverance to achieve the perfect French manicure. Lippmann recommends that you start with a good base coat to prolong your mani’s life. Apply your tips next. Before you do the nail color, take a good look at them.

“You want to apply the polish to the actual white part of your nail and follow the line across,”Lippmann takes the following notes.

Let the color dry after it has dried. Lippmann states it’s a mistake to apply the sheer finish coat before the tip is dry.

“When you do that, you end up dragging the white into the clean pink application and even onto the next nail because it’s on the brush,”She elaborates.

French manicures are best-known for their pale pink and white colors. You can adapt it to other designs. You can use bold combinations of colors or texture.

“I have always seen nail color as a way of self-expression, and I really enjoy how people are experimenting beyond the boundaries of white and sheer shades,”Lippmann. “What’s fun about the French manicure is that there are no rules, and you can really have fun with it.”

Five DIY French Manicure Hacks to Get a Perfect End Results

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