The 8 best nail wraps to give you a great manicure in just minutes

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  • Nail wraps can be used to cover all your nails, just like a full coat.
  • They’re easy-to use and are quick to remove.
  • For a stunning manicure, choose the right nail wraps.
  • Nineties children know that your nails aren’t done until you apply butterfly stickers or colorful gems decals to your still drying polish. Nail-art stickers have been trending for a few years now — thank you, style gods — but if you don’t have the time or patience to carefully apply tiny stickers to each nail, that’s OK. Nail wraps have returned.

    They can be considered older siblings to nail decals. They were originally created in the early ’80s. You can apply nail wraps to any part of your nail bed just as nail polish. You can get a professionally manicured look in minutes. You can apply nail wraps to your entire nails or just one. To find the perfect fit, you have a range of options. Finally, trim and file as needed. What’s the best thing? They don’t look like stickers — nail wraps look like a salon-quality manicure that is 100 times easier to remove when you’re ready for a change.

    Many options are available for nail wraps, which are rapidly gaining in popularity. Choose different colors, patterns, and designs — many of which last up to two weeks. We’ve compiled a list of the best nail wraps available to help you choose the most natural-looking.

    The 8 best nail wraps to give you a great manicure in just minutes

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