Everything You Need to Make Christmas Nails

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The holiday season and Christmas are just around the corner. We’re putting up our trees and wreath, we’re getting our presents bought – and we’re also working on nailing our Christmas party looks, in some cases quite literally.

Many options are available for festive nails. The options are endless. There is a wide range of festive nail designs to choose from. You have so many choices that it is difficult to decide which one you like best. design.

When it comes to going DIY with your festive nails, you’ll probably want to feature glitter somewhere in your design, though. After all, it’s not the festive season without the sparkly stuff, is it?!

Is it really all about glitter and Christmas?

Interview with Pamela Laird, Apprentice star and beauty boss. We discuss why glittery nails are so good for Christmas. “There’s nothing more festive than some sparkle and it will take you right through to the new year celebrations,”Laird who is some top tips for creating glittertastic Christmas nails at home if you’re going down a DIY route.

If there’s one step not to miss it’s base coat, always make sure you use one, especially when working with glitter.

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“A layer of base will protect your natural nails and also help when it comes time to removing the glitter,” Laird explains. “I recommend Sally Hansen nail rehab, this dries to a low gloss which will help hold the glitter in place.”

You have many choices when it comes creating Christmas nails.

“If you aren’t brave enough for full on glitter you can always change up the classic French manicure and add a tip of glitter just to the very edge of your nails,” Laird says. “It’s super subtle but will have you feeling festive.”

Alternatively, ’you can layer up your glitter varnishes to create a 3D finish. Start with a chunky glitter polish first and then add a coat of the thinner smaller, repeat until you get a multifaceted effect!”

Serdar Acar/ EyeEm via Getty Images

Top coats are essential, as is a base coat. “No matter how you add glitter to your talons, topcoat is key!” says Laird. “It will enhance your glitter and give it a gorgeous shine but also help with a smooth finish so the glitter doesn’t catch in your hair and clothes.

When it comes to topcoats, Laird has two favourite options. ″The most luxurious top coat I love using is Chanel Le Gel Coat, it’s specially formulated to mimic the high glossy shine you get with gel polish – without the need for a UV lamp. Instead it’s activated by natural light and bonds to any polish underneath to extend the wear time.

“My quick fix fast drying favourite is Sally Hansen Insta Dri topcoat. It has acrylic ologimers inside which dry to create a hard like shell over polish that’s dry in literal seconds! And super glossy.”

Her last tip? “To extend your polish and keep super glossy nails, reapply your topcoat every three days. You’ll revive the shine and keep your polish chip free for longer!” Essie Leave Not Trace Glitter Nail Polish Remover is her best friend for getting it off.

Do you want to see more holiday ideas? ‘nailspiration’?

These festive looks are most in-fashion

These glitter tipped Christmas nails look chic and stylish without being overly glittery – they’re the perfect combination of natural, nude nails and a splash of glitter.

You can recreate this look with a glitter polish that has a lot of coverage and a nail sticker.

These nails represent Christmas glamour at its best. These nails are perfect for combining 3D effects with nude tones. ‘sweater’They work well.

The look is possible with either a nude or white nail color. For the sweater nail, you’ll need gel, a stamper, and a builder gel. design.

The nails have a shimmery finish and an illustration.

Use a glittery nail polish topper or stamper to achieve this look.

What’s great about these nails is that they’re wonderfully festive without being too bright or bold.

You can recreate this look by applying white nail polish and a nude to your nails. Then, use a sponge to apply the polish. Next, apply nail stickers with chunky loose shimmer.

These abstract-inspired nails might be simple but they’re wonderfully stylish and have plenty of glitz to them.

The look is possible with white, gold or nude nail polishes.

These nails scream Christmas; they’re so fun and festive. The illustrations add an extra dimension to the overall appearance. design.

Recreate the effect by using nail stickers, stamps, or red and gold glitter nails to create the illusion.

They look simple but great. This look can be recreated with a simple nude nail polish and a glitter nail varnish.

The Festive Home Manicure is a must-Have

Do you want to create a holiday nail look that is stunning (with lots of glitter), but aren’t sure where to begin? We’ve put together a guide to some of the must-have products for DIY holiday manicures.

Nails Inc Paint The Town Rainbow Holographic Nail Polish

The holographic nail varnish looks great and can be used to add sparkle or nude. This polish is perfect to use for New Year’s Eve nails.

Get it for £11 from Nails Inc

Nails Inc Showstopping Spitalfields Star Confetti Topper Nail Polish

Mylee MyGel Precious Gems Collection

This combination of colours is festive! This subtle shimmer is ideal for creating subtle glitter looks.

Get it for £9.38 from Look Fantastic

Nuoshen 8 Boxes Nail Glitter Sequins Powder

This mix of 3D loose, chunky glitters is available in many colors.

Get it for £4.29 from Amazon

Mylee Professional PolygelLED Kit

Want to know how to make nail extensions yourself? You get everything you need. There are even two forms that can shape and extend your nails. (It’s far easier than it sounds – I have this kit and it’s fantastic.)

Get it for £110 from Amazon

Modelones Christmas Glitter Gel Nail Polishes

This gel polish is perfect for glitter nails. Gel polishes with glitter are fast to use and can be applied and cured. You will need an LED nail light if you are planning to use them.

Get it for £8.99 from Amazon

Nails Inc Santa Monica Beach Nude Nail Polish

The glitter-polishing, rose-hued polish offers a great alternative to silver or gold glitter. Plus, it’s vegan, cruelty-free, and designed not to chip – what more could you want?

Get it for £8 from Nails Inc

JMEOWIO 9 sheets Christmas stickers Decals

If you love the idea of nail art with festive illustrations, but don’t have the time or the ability to create them, Opt for nail stickers instead – they’re super easy to use and look great. To keep stickers in place, coat them with topcoat after they have dried completely.

Get it for £6.99 from Amazon

Nails Inc. Bright, Merry, and Bright Lighted-Up Nail Polish

The iridescent gold glitter glitter nail topper is simply stunning. This polish will make your nails sparkle and swirl like a snow globe’s interior.

Get it for £15 from Nails Inc

Maybelline Colour Show Nail Polish

Nailberry L’Oxygene Nail Lacquer Le Temps Des Cerises

Dior Diorific Vernis Limited Edition Top Coat Nail Lacquer

It’s everything you could want in a nail varnish. It’s so sparkly that it can be used to finish off any festive nail look.

Get it for £22.50 from John Lewis


If you are looking to make gel nails and experiment with nail polish, this LED lamp will be a must-have. The lamp’s four settings allow you to use it with different products.

Get it for £19.99 from Amazon

Plates for Christmas nail art stamping by Feelava

The nail art stamping kit is perfect for intricate designs. It comes complete with everything that you need for the most gorgeous festive nail looks – and it’s super easy to use.

Get it for £10.59 from Amazon

Rimmel London Glitter Nail Polish

OPI Shine Bright Limited-Edition Nail Polish

Mylee Complete Professional gel nail polish LED lamp kit

For anyone new to DIY manicures, this starter kit of gel polishes will be a great choice. You will find a wide range of gel nail polish colours and topcoats, as well as base coats and base coats. This set is perfect for anyone who wants to create a gorgeous gel manicure.

Get it for £89.99 from Amazon

KISS Gel Fantasy Ready-to-Wear Press-On Gel Nails

Do you feel creative but not sure why? You don’t have to be creative? You can get ready-to-wear nails that have lots of glitter or a gel appearance. These nails can be done in a matter of seconds so they are great for people who have limited time.

Get it for £7.99 from Amazon

Beetles Christmas Gel Nail Polish

These four festive gel nail colors are great for holiday decorating. This set contains four glitter polishes as well as two bold colors. It is ideal for creating many looks.

Get it for £17.99 from Amazon

Essie Leave No Trace Glitter Nail Polish Remover

For removing nail polish that’s a little stubborn – including glitter polish – this nail varnish remover from Essie works wonders and comes manicurist recommended.

Get it for £6.99 from Amazon

Everything You Need to Make Christmas Nails

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