Ana de Armas: Social Media Filters and Lip Balm: Skin-Care Essentials

Many people don’t think about airport shopping. Ana de Armas won’t forget one experience she had on her return to Havana, Cuba. “I was 19-years-old, at the airport in Madrid and thought I should get a facial moisturizer because it’s a very long flight home.” That moisturizing cream was a jar by Estée Lauder. De Armas is a Estee Lauder ambassador for nearly 15 years. “Who would have thought this was going to happen?”Her words are full of irony and joy.

It’s easy to see the reason why a 33-year old actress is so attractive. No Time to Die actress is gorgeous and a great fan. It is her favorite bestseller. Estée Lauder Revitalizing Supreme+ and Youth Power Creme “because it’s a multi-tasking cream since sometimes I don’t have time for all the steps,”Zoom is her medium of communication from L.A. “It’s lifting, hydrating, firming and has a boost of collagen, plus the texture is amazing.” She says she uses it mainly at night and pairs it with another Estée favorite, their Advanced Night Repair Serum

What else is de Armas’ favorite part of her minimalist skincare and beauty routine? Glamour asked her the Big Beauty Questions. ‘rules she swears by, what she applies to her lips every day and the most important part of her day that she will not skip.

Glamour: Which beauty trend are you obsessed with right now?

Ana de Armas Attention to beauty. Everyone has a tutorial. Everybody has a video. Everyone wants to share how they apply something or their tricks. It’Amazing. It’s amazing. I didn’t know as much as I do now. It is important to care for your skin. It’s not too late, I hope.

Are you a believer in a B.S. beauty rule??

I’m not a fan of contouring. I skip it. Sometimes it is too much. [Thanks to]Many people associate social media with all of its filters. [those looks]That is what I want to be in my real life. Sometimes, I like to think that less is better.

Do you have a favorite beauty tip?

Avoid the sun. This is something I’ve heard since I can remember. Cuba is a sunny and tropical country. It was something my mother always said to me. It was then that I understood why. It’s probably the most important thing you can do.

Complete the form “I love my hair when…”

My hair is a joy after it has been washed at night. You feel great when your hair is damp.

Is there a country or city that inspires you?

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