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KENDALLVILLE — Focus and attention to detail.

These are the key features of the Impact Institute’s cosmetology programs.

Eastside senior Lena Helbert, a second-year student, is all business as she talks while simultaneously snipping away at a classmate’s hair.

Her cosmetology licensure has been earned by a small number of other students.

“I was always interested in nails and hair,”Helbert talked about the differences between cuts. “I came to get that learning experience and that license into the field.

“It’s cool to see people’s reactions if you did something nice and they like it,”She stated.

“Currently, I’m applying at different salons because I’m trying to be a nail technician,”Helbert spoke. “I like the art in it. I’m more of an artist, so I like being able to draw things on people’s nails.”

The students learn to cut hair properly and how to maintain a safe workplace.

Jay Michael was one instructor who said the program had been a huge success. “strictly”All state boards guidelines must be followed

“We try to instill that in every student,”He explained. “We could be passing off diseases in the salon. If we don’t properly clean our combs for one person and somebody has a skin infection, we could pass that to other people. We want to stop that from happening.

“We definitely instill in their heads the importance of proper cleaning and disinfecting our salon area.”

Michael and Wendi, who are also instructors at the salon, can be reached morning and evening. They can be found in Kendallville’s Fairview Center plaza.

There are students coming from many Northeast Indiana high schools. Sell has 35 students during his first year and Michael 25 in his second.

Before joining Impact Institute, Sell worked as a hairstylist and an educator.

“I’m not a sitter,”You can sell it. “I’d rather go, go, go. It’s something new every day.”

Sell is in her 13th consecutive year as an Instructor for Impact. Michael was among her cosmetology student between 2010-2012.

“We work well together,”She stated.

After his graduation, Michael worked in a Great Clips salon and at his mother’s salon for many years.

He served as an assistant to Impact from 2011 until 2017, when he was promoted to full-time instructor.

“It gives you an opening eye,”Miller talked about the experience of being a student and then an instructor. “You can remember what it was like to be a student and you can apply that to your teaching strategies.

“You’ve been there; you’ve been in their shoes, so you can know how they react to certain things.”

“He was ornery,”Sell was joking with Michael about her ex student.

“They get a career they can work and earn money right out of high school,”He spoke. “If students were wanting to do a cosmetology program outside of high school, it’s like $20,000 for students to go to school.

“(Here), they really only have to pay for their kit so it gives them a jump-start at life,” Michael explained. “Maybe if they’re going to college, they can do hair on the side.”

“We have a lot of kids who do that,”Please notify me.

Two students are in their second year and three of them have received state licensure. Another student is still completing the hours.

In their first year, students begin in “ground zero,”Sell. “We’re parting off mannequins. We’re just learning roller sets.”

Learn more about hair structure and the effects of color and other chemical treatments on hair.

“They learn all different things such as hair cutting, hair styling, chemistry texturizing services, chemical hair relaxing,”Michael said.

“They learn techniques such as different ways to highlight the hair, doing foils, foliage, color melts. We do a lot of different coloring,” He continued. The students will be taught about eyebrow and mustache waxing, manicures, and pedicures.

A progressbook with 400 hairstyles, 250 haircuts, 100 perms, 15 manicures, 75 color, and 30 removal options will be required by students.

The state boards will require them to complete 1 500 hours of training.

While students work on their mannequins as well as each other, the salon remains open for the general public Monday evenings.

Each Friday, students from cosmetology can offer style advice and haircuts to Impact program students.

Vincennes University offers dual credit for cosmetology students. These credits are available to students who have had at least 2 years of instruction.

In order to become eligible for college, students need to pass a college readiness examination during their first academic year. Students in their first year can earn 14 credits in cosmetology II or III, as long as they have a C-or better. A second year student can get an additional 14 credit in cosmetology II or IV.

The state mandates that training follows a certain curriculum. For students to take the course, they will have to pay $445 for a kit of cosmetology. The uniforms will be paid for by the students.

“This is a field where you can either watch other people pass you up or you can be a go-getter,”You can sell it. “It’s all in how much you want to make.”

“You can make as much money as you want to work,”Michael said. “You can earn quite a bit of money depending on what your work ethic is like and how hungry you are.”

It is a pleasure for instructors to watch students learn and grow.

“Just watching the students comprehend what you are instructing them to do and seeing them grow from when they don’t know what they’re doing to where they know exactly what they’re doing,”Michael said.

“I just enjoy interacting and having relationships with the students,”You can sell it. “I get invited to weddings. Just seeing them grow and have kids, I’ve seen them grow up.

That’s fun for me to see them doing well and succeed.”

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