Best Nail Salon: Dazzle Nails

Mom visited me in school and noticed my unfinished, messy manicure. We had to get mani pedis together, she demanded. 

Dazzle Nails can be found conveniently on Church Street. The perfect place for mom-daughter bonding with manicures. It is a friendly salon with a beautiful interior. The salon is filled with sparkles and color, offering customers a warm welcome from the first moment they step in. Students are welcome to use the salon. Wildcard holders receive a 10% discount. 

Evanstonians love Dazzle Nails for their simple or more elaborate manicures. This salon provides classic manicures, as well as gel nails, powder dip nails, and pedicures.

While I was passing Dazzle Nails by, my two closest friends strolled past it. As they left the shop, both of my close friends showed me their newly painted nails. Dazzle is loved by everyone, my mom to my best friend. 

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Best Nail Salon: Dazzle Nails

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