Chic Bathroom Mats That’ll Help You Dip Your Toe Into The Maximalist Trend

As Cold Picnic co-founder Phoebe Sung told TZR back in 2021, there’s a good reason statement bath mats are so in demand right now. “The bathroom can be the most difficult room in the house to make feel like home, but it’s also one of the most important rooms,”She explained. “And in many bathrooms you can’t paint the walls or move furniture around; you can’t fill it with neat furniture or artwork or plants.” That has left the humble rug as one of the sole pieces with which to decorate in the space, giving shoppers all the more incentive to invest in a bathroom mat that’s truly chic.

Fortunately, there’s no shortage of options in that category. Trendy and trendy absorbent flooring has expanded to include status items that are now famous on Instagram. With all of that said, though, you hardly want to spend an arm and a leg on this item — after all, it’s doomed to be a perpetually soggy, badly treated piece of fabric that sits underfoot, no matter how chic. So don’t get sucked in and succumb to the pressure of social media and its perfect bathroom scenes; you can easily find an affordable option that packs in just as much style without a hefty price tag.

They are also available at Amazon, which is one of the best sources. TZR spent a lot of time searching Amazon to find the best bath mats. Scroll down to view our top budget-friendly choices and some fun spending options.

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Bathroom mats in chic designs

The bath mat features a bright green gradient and thicker fiber. This mat also has an easy-to-clean rubber backing, which is nonskid. It’s clearly a fan favorite, with some 5,000 five-star reviews to date. “This bathroom rug is heavenly on the feet,”Amazon reviews raves about one reviewer “Most bathroom rugs have zero softness and only worry about absorbency but this one does both!”

Get a bathmat that makes the bathroom fun! One reviewer loved: “Matches my peach bathroom perfectly and is seriously so so so soft!”

You’re a fan of abstract design? This rug might be right for you. And, if this option isn’t for you, there are several other designs and colorways available to fit any color scheme or aesthetic. “I just received this in the mail and put it in my bathroom right away,”Amazon Review. “It’s softer then I expected and I just love the design. Really fun and different from other bathroom rugs! Love.”

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This handmade rug will create an artistic, relaxed space. This rug is made of natural jute fibers and recycled cotton rags. “The 2X3 is the perfect size for the guest powder room in our Orange Beach, Alabama cottage,”Amazon Reviewer: “One Amazon reviewer loves it!” “The colorful rag rug brightens the room. It’s affordable and just right for the space.”

This mat has a leaf-inspired design and is non-slip. To date, it has been rated a whopping 800 times. “I’ve been looking for a long time for the perfect size and design,”Amazon Review. “This hit all the boxes! My bathroom is small and needed something that had a little design with color but not over power the area. After trying lots of other shapes and sizes this hit the nail on the head. Feels soft enough also. Color is great . Looks like a real leaf on the floor. A plant lovers treat.”

Not everyone’s into prints on their bathroom floor, and that’s OK. If you’re in that category, snag one of these round mats instead. Because of its crochet detail, the mat’s vibrant red color remains striking. “This little rug is adorable!! Very soft, easy to wash, and is perfect for my little apartment bath,”Amazon Review.

Cottagecore enthusiasts will be delighted by this fun bath mat. The mat comes in many colors such as yellow, pink purple, red and even red. “These flower rugs are so happy,”One review. “I have them in front of our bathroom sinks and they just bring a smile to your face. Love these! Just the right size too! Great colors!”

Its abstract design is as funky and interesting as its geometric counterpart. “I love, love, love, LOVE this adorable boho rug,”Amazon reviews agree with one. “The contrast between the textures is so unique and gorgeous! This rug makes me feel peaceful and happy.”

Chic Bathroom Mats That’ll Help You Dip Your Toe Into The Maximalist Trend

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