With this 12-piece frame set, you can create gallery walls for as low as $100

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This is how it works: On vacation you take great pictures of the surroundings and of your loved ones. What is the best way to choose? One photo that’s deserving of a frame and prominent placement in your home? Gallery walls allow you to display your favorite photos in one location.

Gallery Perfect makes this even simpler. Gallery Wall KitAmazon offers a 12-piece set of frames and a hanging template starting at $96. That’s $8 per frame. That’s a great idea! It’s possible to turn your wall into an exhibit area by creating your own memories.


This gallery wall kit includes 12 photo frames made of white wood and twelve mats. You can remove them. These frames are 12 by 12 inches in size. Frames can be used to display up to 8 images. It is possible to remove the mat, and frames can display 12-by-12 photos. So, you’ll want a square crop on any photos that you print for this particular set. This set is also available for $78.19 with a square-cropped crop. black matte frames.

A symmetrical arrangement of the frames is best to create gallery walls that are visually appealing. The kit includes wall templates to assist you in planning your layout. You can use these templates to help visualize the various layouts that you have available for your gallery wall.

Mixing smaller frames and bigger art pieces can create an interesting visual group. There are many other frames available from the same manufacturer. Seven pieces in a gallery wall setYou can buy a range of frames for $58, including one 12-by-16-inch frame, two 8 by-10 frames and four 6-by-8 frames.

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You can arrange different-sized pieces of art on a large roll of wrapping paper until you are satisfied with the arrangement. DIY Playbook.

A 12-piece gallery frame set with 12 frames has been rated on Amazon at least 1,560 times, and is averaging 4.5 stars overall. 77% have rated it five stars. It is easy to hang and it’s high-quality for its price. Other customers recommend that frame sets can be great gifts.

“These frames look awesome on my gallery wall and the layout template that came with them was perfect for hanging them accurately,”Amazon reviewer katrina comments.

You can add some accessories to enhance your gallery wall without making any mistakes. Command hooksAdd your photo to your cart and hang it easily

With this 12-piece frame set, you can create gallery walls for as low as $100

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