For every fall manicure, here are some nail designs for Fall


Bring on the crunchy leaves, cozy vibes, warm scents and hearty food — fall is officially here! While you’re planning your fall candle buy and shopping for new sweatsuits or leather jackets, consider how to make some seasonal changes to your beauty routine too — all the way down to your nails.

Celebrity womanicurist Tom BachikIt says so “manicures are a great way to express yourself.” He explains that the color you wear helps to express your mood in a noncommittal way — whether you’re feeling sassy, sexy, moody or anything in between. Bachik views nails as the most expressive part of your body. “the” thing. “exclamation point at the end of the sentence.”

Naturally, it can be quite intimidating to do your own manicure, let alone nail designs, yourself at home — especially if you don’t consider yourself particularly artistic. Choose a manicure. DesignTo Try. DesignTo try. Jolene Brodeur says, “Instagram and Pinterest are always great to find inspiration. YouTube, TikTok and Instagram have great tutorial videos from a range of experts”These are your guides. Then you can become a content creator. David Ruff says, “Don’t sweat it — that’s what nail polish remover is for!”You are allowed to make mistakes when you do nail art.

With this in mind, keep reading to discover this season’s top colors and designs to experiment with.

Sandy white “White is a fan favorite in the summer, and when fall comes around, people have a hard time giving it up. Because of this, subtle, sandy whites will become a go-to,”These are some of the things we believe in Rachel Apfel Glass, founder of New York City’s membership-based nail studio Glosslab. “It goes with everything and is the perfect color if you’re not quite ready to let go of summer.”

Sundays Nail Polish No. 43 ($18;

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We’d reach for this shade by nontoxic nail care brand Sundays year-round.

Essie Nail Polish in Marshmallow ($8.99;

Essie Nail Polish in Marshmallow

A bit more muted than a traditional white is Essie’s Marshmallow nail polish — a stunner you can pick up on your next Target beauty run.

Warm browns “As your summer tan begins to fade, we see warm browns rising. Browns are a great alternative to dark grays and are more subtle than a jet black,”Glass.

Sally Hansen insta-Dri Nail Colors in Buff and Tumble, $5.99

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Color in Buff and Tumble

“I love the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Collection because it makes at-home manicures so easy — especially for someone constantly on the go,” says Ruff. “The polishes take 60 seconds to dry and already have a base and top coat built in for maximum efficacy and gloss!”

Lights Lacquer Polish For Nails In The Butler (9.50)

Lights Lacquer Nail Polish in The Butler

Lights Lacquer was a popular choice Julie Kandalec’s, celebrity manicurist, author and owner of Julie K. Nail Artelier. She’s seeing lots of camel tones this fall — most notably the brand’s polish in the shade The Butler, which is described as brown with orange undertones.

Bold, soft blues “Bold blues can provide a much-needed departure from your usual without straying too far from the moody fall vibes,”Glass explains.

Comet Me, Nailboo Dip Powder ($14; initially $24

Nailboo Dip Powder in Comet Me

Celebrity manicurist Mar Y SolThis Nailboo Dip Powder is in Comet Me if you’re feeling down.

Deborah Lippmann Iconic Treatment-Enriched Nail Polish in Blue Orchid ($18;

Deborah Lippmann Iconic Treatment-enriched Nail Polish in Blue Orchid

Sol is the sight of seeing “soft blue hues that resemble denim,”Deborah Lippmann nail polish in Blue Orchid

Moody reds “Red is always a classic we see customers going back to, but this fall, I think we’ll see people leaning toward deep reds,”Glass explains. “It’s classy, chic and can elevate any outfit.”

Chanel Le Vernis Longwear Nail Color in Rogue Noir ($28;

Chanel Le Vernis Longwear Nail Color in Rogue Noir

“This fall we will be seeing a lot of dark, sultry colors,”Celebrity manicurist Thuy Nguyen. Chanel’s deep red is her most requested color.

Essie Nail Polish in Wicked ($7.05;

Essie Nail Polish in Wicked

If you want a deeper red for a fraction of the cost, look toward Essie’s nail polish in the shade Wicked that’s also a top-requested polish of Nguyen’s.

Opulence in a muted way “In general, muted opulent colors are big this season. This instead of a bright, jewel-toned fuschia shade, you have a berry-ish shade that’s just warmer, more inviting, yet still really eye-catching,”Famous nail artist, founder of Nails in LA, Brittney Boyce.

Orly Nail Lacquer String Of Hearts (£9.50)

Orly Nail Lacquer in String of Hearts

Boyce specifically recommended String of Hearts, Orly in fuchsia like shades.

Essie Expressie Quick-Dry Nail Polish in Scoot Scoot ($8.99;

Essie Expressie Quick-Dry Nail Polish in Scoot Scoot

Brodeur is seeing Essie’s Quick-Dry polish in the shade Scoot Scoot trending this fall — a deep plum that’s more muted than its richer purple counterparts.

The muted pinks “Neons were very in this summer and this fall; we’re expecting people to continue wanting a pop of color, but more muted to align with the cooler weather. Muted pinks are a great way to add subtle color to your outfit,”Glass.

Opi Nail Lacquer in Put It in Neutral ($10.50).

OPI Nail Lacquer in Put It In Neutral

You can find fall neutrals everywhere. If you’re looking for a departure from the browns and reds, opt for a muted pink like Opi’s Put It In Neutral, which is recommended by celebrity manicurist Sreynin Peng.

Opi Nail Lacquer at Do You have Lei Away (€10.50);

OPI Nail Lacquer in Do You Take Lei Away

Peng also recommends Opi’s polish in the shade Do You Take Lei Away?, which is the perfect creamy, pink nude.

Moody and dark “Taupe-y grays are always a good neutral shade for the fall,”Boyce. “It’s moodier, like gray clouds in the morning, but still versatile for a good daily nail.”

Smith & Cult Nail Polish Stockholm Syndrome ($18).

Smith & Cult Nail Polish in Stockholm Syndrome

Described as an opulent elephant gray, Smith & Cult’s polish in Stockholm Syndrome would be Boyce’s pick to achieve this trend.

Sally Hansen insta Dri Nail Colors in Black and Black ($5.99;

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Color in Black to Black

In lieu of the moodiness of taupe-y grays, Bachik says that men’s manicures and nail designs are trending right now. For those guys who are new to the trend, he’s seeing them start with deep grays or rich blacks like this Sally Hansen color.

Oranges of fall “Oranges that are more like butternut squash shades are also big in the fall,”Boyce. “It’s not so much that people go crazy for pumpkin spice things in the fall, but more that it’s also the shade of tree leaves changing. Instead of pumpkin spice lattes, think of fall in Central Park in New York City.”

Orly Nail Lacquer in Lion’s Ear ($9.50;

Orly Nail Lacquer in Lion's Ear

Kandalec loves this pumpkin-esque shade by Orly named Lion’s Ear.

Opi Nail Lacquer – My Italian Is Little Rusty ($10.50

Opi Nail Lacquer in My Italian Is A Little Rusty

Brodeur prefers this orange-brown shade for a fall accessory.

Sage: “Sage green is a big shade this season. Green in general has been big all year, but for fall, we’ll see more muted, neutral green shades rather than bold Kelly greens or lime greens,”Boyce. “The sage green looks gorgeous across a lot of skin tones, has an earthy, grounded vibe to it and looks great as a base for a lot of nail art. It pairs well with blues and oranges for nail art.”

Orly Nail Lacquer Wild Willow (£9.50)

Orly Nail Lacquer in Wild Willow

Boyce recommends this shade called Wild Willow that’s a sort of deep, mossy green.

Smith & Cult Nail Polish Stranded Stranger ($18).

Smith & Cult Nail Polish in Stranded Stranger

Tap into the sage green tend with Smith & Cult’s Stranded Stranger — an earthy shade recommended by Brodeur.

Sally Hansen Miraclegel nail polish in Combustealble, originally $9.99

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish in Combustealble

“For those who love vibrant colors all year round, expect to see lots of fuschia, coral, teal and lime,” says Ruff. “I love looking to color trends in Fashion Week runway shows to gauge what will be popular seasonally — but always do you no matter what!” He’s a fan of this vibrant, shiny blue polish.

Madam Glam Shock Off Gel Polish in Down to Earth (19.95)

Madam Glam Soak-off Gel Polish in Down To Earth

“Greens are definitely coming is strong for this fall, Madam Glam has the best,” says Peng. She loves this gel shade that’s described as a creamy olive.

DND Premium Spiced Brown (from $9.75)

DND Premium Gel in Spiced Brown

One of Peng’s fave fall gel colors is DND Premium Gel in Spiced Brown. You can either ask for it at your nail salon or order it online to finish your fall manicure.

Kiss imPress Manicure Falling ($8.99

Kiss imPress Press-on Manicure in Falling

Peng Kiss says it is “making some of the best press-on nails on the market.”Enjoy fancy French with this set without spending a fortune.

Chillhouse Chill Tips for Amalfi Toast (16)

Chillhouse Chill Tips in Amalfi Toast

We’ve long been fans of the Chillhouse Chill Tips. This fall we can’t wait to sport the Amalfi Toast set that feels retro, groovy and earthy.

At The Modest ($16), Nails Of LA Press-On Extensions

Nails of LA Press-on Extensions in The Modest

“I spent a few years prior to launching sourcing the best press-on quality to pair with my nail art,”Boyce is the name of her brand Nails of LA. “All the designs feature my signature minimal modern art on an oval-shaped nail.” We’ve tried them ourselves, and they’re easily some of the best press-ons we’ve tried.

Pop-On Manicures to Static Nails In Sway in White ($16

Static Nails Reusable Pop-on Manicures in Sway In White

Press-ons are a fun way to create more intricate designs than what you can paint by yourself. Bachik can often be seen. “fluid abstract patterns almost like Emilio Pucci swirls”These are very popular right now. He’d recommend trying your favorite press-on designStatic Nails

Kiss ImPress Color Manicure Peanut Pink ($6.99

Kiss imPress Color Press-on Manicure in Peanut Pink

Nail artists of celebrity status Mei Kawajiri thinks we’ll be seeing plenty of metallics this fall too. With these press-ons, you can get the same look at home.

Orly Matte Top ( 8.55

Orly Matte Top

“A very easy trick for beginners is to play with the finish of the nails, like a matte accent on the nail,”Boyce likes to use this topcoat. Sol also saw matte nails in autumn.

Dashing Diva Glaze Art Studio Gel Nail Dome In Abstract Ivy (14$)

Dashing Diva Glaze Art Studio Gel Nail Dome Effect in Abstract Ivy

“You will see lots of fall leaves decals, some loose foils and a lot of line work for the fall. As we move into each month, different holidays will have their contributions as well,”Nguyen. “I literally cannot talk enough about Dashing Diva’s Glaze Nail line. Their semi-cured gel nails are so easy to use and the dome-like finish really makes your nails look like you just walked out of a salon. Peel, stick, trim, cure, file and done.”

You can mix and match metallic, shiny, geometric and metallic strips.

Sally Hansen SalonPro Nail Tool Kit (7.39)

Sally Hansen Salon Pro Nail Tool Kit

“Minimal nail designs are certainly trending this fall. I have been seeing quite a bit of simple abstract designs such as squiggly lines, stippling, animal prints, mini drawings and more!” says Ruff. “When designs are more on the subtle side, it gives a lot of space to experiment with different colors — or even nail gems and accessories if that is your jam!”

The set also includes a striping and detail brush, as well as an edging tool. You can achieve the minimalist look with this set.

ManiMe Nail Stickers – Can You Believe ($25).

ManiMe Nail Stickers in Can You Believe

“Nail art stickers are really popular and have come such a far way from ill-fitting drugstore press-ons,” says Kawajiri. “I created a collection for ManiMe that delivers my nail art in your exact size, right to your door. They are gel nail stickers, and last up to two weeks.”

Even the darkest fall days will be brightened by this set.

Kiss Nail Art Rhinestones ($9;

Kiss Nail Art Rhinestones

You want some bling! Brodeur suggests Kiss Nail Art Rhinestones. These can be easily applied using nail glue or topcoat.

HiMo Nail Art Dotting Pen Tools ($3.99;

HiMo Nail Art Dotting Pen Tools

“Minimalistic nail design such as negative space manicure, or a pop of color on a nude nail are trending. These can be created with a nail art tip dot paint tool,”Brodeur highly recommends Brodeur’s dotting pen set.

Ejiubas Jelly Nail Stampers (13.99)

“French tips in some iteration trends every season. I think the drip, which looks like either paint dripping or melted gold dripping, looks so cool for fall,”Boyce. This jelly nail stamper can give you the French manicure look.

For every fall manicure, here are some nail designs for Fall

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