Amazon Offer: Take 20% off Household Essentials


You are running out of essential necessities. Whether you’re short on toilet paper or cleaning supplies, you’re in luck: You can speedily restock your pantry at a major discount during Amazon’s Stock Up and Save event.

Amazon Prime Members will have the opportunity to benefit from bulk pricing for a limited time plus 20 percent off on a range of Amazon’s Everyday Essentials items. To replenish your shelves, you can order cleaning supplies for pets, babies, and health, as well as staples and pantry supplies.

Just fill a cart with a $50 minimum of eligible products and the discount will apply automatically—with fast and free shipping included, of course! Members can save up $100 on every eligible order If you aren’t already a Prime member, now is a great time to Get a 30-day trial for freeGrab this Deal by taking advantage of Black Friday Sales and Last Minute Holiday Needs.

We’ve researched the deals, and now we’re sharing some of the most useful top-rated items to shop during this Stock Up and Save sale.

1. Ultra-Soft Mega Roll Toilet Paper


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It’s affordable and simple to use Presto! 308-Sheet Mega Roll Toilet PaperYou can use it to stock up on toiletries. It is strong and soft, and highly recommended. It feels nice on the skin but doesn’t leave pesky bits of lint behind like some other plush toilet papers. Each mega roll contains 308 2-ply sheets. This bulk package includes 24 rolls. This toilet tissue, although thick and soft, is suitable for RVs as well as septic systems.

The Presto! Amazon offers 308-Sheet Megaroll Toilet Paper at $24.33, plus 20% discount for orders below $50

2. The Best Pain Relief Products

Ibuprofen is available in most medicine cabinets. For households that use Ibuprofen frequently, it is a good idea to purchase bulk Ibuprofen. Amazon Basic Care Fever & Pain Reliever500 tablets coated. This tablet contains ibuprofen, which is the active ingredient. Each tablet contains 200mgs. It is exactly the same dose as regular-strength Advil. This bulk pack offers the same dosage but at a much lower cost.

Amazon Basic Care Pain Reliever & Ibuprofen Fever Reducer Ibuprofen Ibuprofen200m $12.19

3. Liquid Hand soap

This soap has a pleasant scent and soft lather. Solimo Original SoapThe perfect size for every day use. The pack includes two 32-ounce bottles. Each comes in the brand’s Original Fresh scent. Paragons, Phthalates and Triclosan are not contained in this liquid soap. The soap comes with a mild fragrance, moisturizing components, and a moisturizing component to make your hands feel soft, clean, and fresh.

Amazon sells the Solimo Original Liquid soap hand soap at $6.54 You get 20% off your $50 minimum order

4. Baby Wipes

You may pay more for baby wipes with sensitive skin than regular ones. You can save up to 20% by buying in bulk. Amazon Baby WipesEven more economical are these wipes. Each pack contains 80 sensitive-skin baby wipes. This is a bulk deal that includes nine flip top packs. Pediatrician and dermatologist tested, they’re safe for use on little one’s faces, hands, and bottoms.

Amazon Elements Sensitive Baby Wipes, $14.36

5. LED light bulbs 60W equivalent

A19 light bulbs are suitable for a wide range of lighting fixtures, so they’re a good option to buy in bulk. Amazon Basics’ 24 A19 LED bulbs are perfect for compatible lamps, overhead lighting, and other light fixtures. The energy-saving LED light bulbs are more bright than the 60-watt incandescents and use only 9 watts. These LED lights are dimmable and emit soft white light. They have an average life expectancy (10,000 hours)

Amazon Basics 60W Equivalent SoftWhite LED Bulb for $28.68 

6. Permanent Markers Fine Tipp

You can save yourself the hassle of searching for markers in your home where they are lost every day by purchasing a bulk pack. Amazon Basics Permanent Markers PackIncludes 24 permanent black markers. The fine tips make these markers ideal for both drawing and writing. They are water-resistant and dry fast. These markers also resist fading, and they are smear-proof. They’ll work on almost any surface, including plastic, photos, wood, stone, metal, and glass.

Amazon Basics Fine Tipp Permanent Marker for $10.80

7. Dispenser for Dog Poop Bags

Picking up poop after Fido is an unpleasant chore, but it’s easier when there’s always a doggy bag nearby. You can find this set of Amazon Basics standard dog stool bags60 rolls are equal to 900 bags. The standard bag size is 9 x 13. The standard-size bag is nonscented and leakproof. The bulk bag includes a dispenser for plastic bags and a clip to attach the leash.

Amazon Basics, Unscented Standard Dog Poop Bags with Dispenser, $18.90

8. Use disinfecting wipes

You can clean and disinfect your house with a bulk package of deodorizers. Solimo Disinfecting Wipes. The pack includes three different scents of wipes, one lemon-scented and another fresh. The 75 wipes in each pack can be used on almost all hard surfaces. The wipes kill 99.9% bacteria in just 15 seconds.

Amazon has the Solimo Disinfecting Women for only $10.74 You get 20% discount when you spend $50 

9. Water filters replacement

Compatible with many Brita water pitchers as well as Amazon Basics pitchers This is a water filter package is an affordable choice for a kitchen pitcher or an office’s break room water jug. The multistage filter ensures that you get delicious, clean water. Average water filters last around 40 gallons. The bulk package may cover the water filter change for up to a year.

Amazon Basics replacement water filters cost $20.74 plus 20% off a minimum $50 purchase

10. Paper Towels

You can easily clean up spills and other unpleasant messes. Presto! Flex-a-Size Paper TowelsYou can get the job done. Each mega roll contains 158 paper towel sheets. Flexible-sized sheets that are perforated make it simple to keep enough paper towels on hand for your daily cleaning tasks. This two-ply towel can make a wonderful addition to any cleaning kit. These towels are both strong and absorbent.

The Presto! Amazon sells Flex-a-Size paper towels for $26.59 plus 20% discount on minimum $50 purchase

11. Dog and puppy pee pads

A senior can adopt a puppy or get another one. Amazon Basics Puppy & Puppy Pee PadsThese can protect against accidental accidents. This pet or puppy pee pad has five waterproof layers so that dogs and cats can safely use it without damaging the floor. The quick drying top layer and the odor control layer make these pee pads easy to use in your home. Each pack includes 50 pee pads.

Amazon Basics Dog & Puppy Poop Pads at $25.80 with a Minimum $50 Purchase 

12. Dishwasher Detergent Pouches

These are the most effective ways to clean up dirty dishes, load after load. Presto! Triple Action Dishwasher Packs. The bulk pack contains 70 dishwasher pacs that can be used to remove food residues or stains. These dishwasher pacs don’t include any phosphates or chlorine. The dishwasher pacs contain anti-spotting rinse ingredients and a mild fragrance. This helps dishes look sparkling clean.

The Presto! Triple Action Dishwasher Pacs are available at Amazon starting at $17.23, plus 20% off the $50 minimum. 

13. Drawstring Kitchen Trash Bags

You can handle it! workhorse kitchen bin’s worth of trash without tearing or leaking, Amazon Basics tall kitchen drawstring trash bagsThey are an excellent addition to any kitchen cupboard. The bulk pack contains 200 13-gallon tall kitchen trash bags. Each bag has a white drawstring closure and a red zipper. It is easier to grab your bag and carry it to curbside.

Amazon Basics Tall Kitchen Drawstring bags Name: $28.50 

14. Whole Raw Almonds

Are you hungry? You can combine bulk pricing and a Save and Stock Up discount Happy Belly Whole-Raw almondsThey’re a nutritious and economical snack. This pack includes 48 ounces of whole almonds, harvested from California’s Central Valley. They have not been roasted, and they’ve been steam pasteurized. The nutritious almonds are excellent for baking, snacking and cooking.

Amazon has the Happy Belly Whole Raw Almonds for $13.46 Enjoy a 20% discount on orders above $50

15. Organic Biscuit Dog Treats

On the theme of healthy snacks, Amazon’s Stock Up and Save event also includes tasty treats for four-legged family members. Wag Expedition’s Organic Dog TreatsThey are made with non-GMO, organic ingredients. In fact, the real sunflower seed butter and other ingredients are so good that they’re actually human grade, which means they’re safe for human consumption. These treats don’t contain artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, but they do include omega-3 fatty acids to support immune and joint health.

Wag Expedition Organic Biscuits For Dogs: Amazon Name at $7.79


This tool can be used to make lists of to-dos, jot notes and general doodling. Amazon Basics bulk pack includes a variety of ruled notepads. Each pack comes with twelve 50-sheet notepads. These notepads are perfect for home, school and office use. These pads are 5 x 8x 5 inches in size and have perforations to make them easy to use.

Amazon Basics Narrow Ruled 6-by-8-Inch Lined Writing Papers, $12.59

17. Cotton rounds

Strong and soft These cotton roundletsThey can also be used to apply lotions or toners as well as remove makeup. Since they’re hypoallergenic and made of 100 percent cotton, they’re even great for sensitive skin. Six 100-piece round cotton packs are included in this bulk pack. They retail for 600.

Amazon Basics Cotton Rounds at $11.11

18. Dry-Floor Cloths

This traps dirt and hair. These are replacement floorclothsThese are indispensable for cleaning out your pantry. The bulk pack contains 64 drycloths, which can be used to clean any type of surface. Also compatible with these dry floorcloths are the ones you can buy in shops. Swiffer Sweeper Floor Sweepers are our favoriteThese refills are cost-effective, especially when you get a discount of 20%

Amazon Basics Dry Floor Cloths at $11.82 plus 20% Discount on Minimum Purchases of $50

19. Cleansing Cloths made of Microfiber

They are extremely soft and not abrasive. Amazon Basics sells microfiber clean towelsYou can use them for any type of cleaning. Made of polyester to create an absorbent and non-scratching cloth, they’re safe to use on all hard surfaces. You get 24 of these microfiber cloths in this pack. They can be used dry as well as wet.

Amazon Basics Microfiber Cleaning Cloths $13.73

20. AAA Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable batteries are a more cost- and environmentally-friendly alternative to their disposable counterparts. For powering battery-powered devices such as toys and remote controls or digital cameras. Amazon Basics 4-Pack of AAA Rechargeable AAA Battery BatteriesThis battery is affordable. The battery can be recharged up to 1000 times without any power loss. This allows devices to keep running. The batteries come fully charged and are ready for use. The batteries don’t come with any charging cables.

Amazon Basics 4 Pack AAA Performance Rechargeable Batteries starting at $8.50

Amazon Offer: Take 20% Off Your Household Essentials

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