TikTok Halloween Nail Designs for Your Next Spooky Mani

The season everyone has been anxiously waiting for is almost here: *spooky szn*! This is the perfect time to get ready for Halloween. It’s time to plan your most bold and scary makeup look, as well as find the best costumes. While I can’t wait to countdown to Halloween by watching my favorite horror movies and making the tastiest treats for the next fall party, another way I’m preparing this year is by looking for nail inspiration.

Make your Halloween special by decorating your nails. Match your Halloween costume to your nails or bring some fun to your daily look with an original nail art design. Design You have two options: either buy pre-formed nails to save time or make your own. The possibilities are endless — but no matter what you choose, your nails are guaranteed to look amazingThese nine TikTok nail designs are great for Halloween.

Spider webs

Although spiders are scary in person, their webs make for great nail art. This spiderweb designThis gives you an edgy and fun look. You can create a mixture of straight and curved lines that look like the webs by painting them together. Either black or white paint can be used. Feeling daring? Do you feel daring? glitterFor a unique look, glue sequins together! 

Mini ghosts

These are the best ghost designIt’s a very simple design you can do! Paint a swirled oval shape on the ghost’s head to achieve the look. Use a nail dot tool to add black polish dots around the eyes and mouth. For a bold nail, you can either paint several ghosts or one.

Glowing Jack O’Lanterns

Jack O’LaternsThis nail art is a popular choice for Halloween. This look can be achieved by painting your nails bright orange and using the nail base. Next, add the facial expressions. Alternatively, the second way is to paint individual pumpkins with different facial expressions — but only if you’re up for a challenge (or just leave it up to your nail tech).

Vampire coffins

Although coffin nails have become the most well-known shape, they are also very versatile. vampire aesthetic? This look is achieved by painting your nails in coffin shape black. This look is best achieved with matte black nail varnish. The next step is to outline the coffin shape with a lighter shade like white or silver. Add a cross in the middle to give your coffin a creepy look. Tip: Add sequins or gems to give it an extra touch.

Flying bats

Bat designsIt is also very easy to create them. You can choose a base Halloween color, like purple, orange or white. Then you can paint several bats with different colors and sizes. You can do this in many ways. Design Your Own!

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Fake Blood

It’s reminiscent of the vampire aesthetic (Elena Gilbertcore anyone?The dripping Fake blood designsYou must own this nail polish! The look is achieved by applying teardrop-like designs to your nails top. It will resemble dripping red blood. Dark red polish. If you want to add a little *spice*, you can use Glitter polish in red instead!


You may want to make your Halloween party the focal point of attention, but you also need your friends to find you. glow-in-the-darkThe perfect accessories for nails are your nails! You can achieve that look with nail polish Shine in the Dark polishIt’s a favorite and it lasts the night.

The witchy aesthetic

It The witchy aestheticThis is another Halloween favorite nail design. This design can be done by painting a signature hat and broom — or you can even add more details like the moon and stars in the background. You have many choices!

Jack Skellington

Christmas Nightmare is both a Halloween and Christmas classic — so, it’s no surprise the main character Jack SkellingtonThis popular Halloween nail design is very much in demand. For this iconic character, all you need to master is his unique face by painting your entire nail white and drawing his face with black polish (or, if you’re not artsy, maybe leave it up to your nail artist).

TikTok Halloween Nail Designs for Your Next Spooky Mani

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