How a Halloween Makeup TikToker Makes $1,500 a Post

  • Laura Caruk began to make makeup videos using TikTok during COVID-19 lockdowns.
  • Her Instagram account has 850,000 plus followers. She got this number after she created Halloween makeup looks.
  • Brands like Amazon Prime, Lancôme, and Estée Lauder pay her between $800 and $1,500 for TikToks.
  • This essay was based on a conversation I had with Laura. CarukA 19-year-old content creator, known as @zaruchinator TikTok: How she uses Halloween makeup for brand deals Insider has verified her income with documentation. The following has been edited for clarity and length. 

    Since 2020, I have been making TikTok makeup tutorials. I was a junior high school student and was bored. I discovered that makeup was fun, and began using the makeup of my sisters to create fun looks. These looks were then posted on my TikTok.

    My first posts were about me singing and dancing to songs. They were very embarrassing. Then I made a few videos around Halloween makeup that went viral — and I realized I’d found my niche. 

    I created a separate account for makeup, @zaruchinator. It has taken off tremendously. I now have ​​more than 855,000 followers and 26 million likes on TikTok.

    I’m entirely self-taught — I didn’t even use YouTube tutorials. I was a painter before I learned makeup. I also took all of the art subjects at school. I see makeup as another medium, and it’s a great way to express myself through it.

    To grow my TikTok audience, I needed to find relevant hashtags 

    When I need inspiration, I search TikTok hashtags and find the look I am looking for. For Halloween, I created a lizard look inspired by the hashtag #lizard. #lizardmakeup, and posted back using that hashtag. One of my Posts, under that hashtag, received 342,000 views — around a 10-fold improvement from my other Halloween posts that week. However, it was nothing compared with #frankensteinmakeup which I received 1.7 million views. One look.

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    Hashtags like #halloweenmakeup, #halloweenmakeuplook, #halloweenmakeuptutourialThey are always busy but great for inspiration and getting your look out there.

    I look at trending hashtags every day because they boost your content. Even simple hashtags like #makeup can be popular. showExcellent content on the page of discovery. 

    It was important to post consistently

    Laura Caruk

    Caruk in makeup.

    Laura Caruk

    People with a large following are more consistent. I would create four videos for each makeup look, and do it every two days. Then I would post them 12 hour apart so that when someone clicks on my page, they see my last post within hours.

    It was crucial to post, message, engage, and engage with anyone who commented on my content. I started trying to get in touch with brands. Instagram shoutout pagesMy work can be profiled 

    In my first 18 months of TikTok, I wasn’t able to communicate with brands well. But now they message me every day. You must take a long-term perspective.

    The first year and half was the longest I didn’t receive any replies from brands I messaged. I created a template for my emails — some worked, and some didn’t. Although it was hard to figure out what would make an e-mail work, building your network is the key to success. 

    My template included the following: “Being part of the ambassador or PR team for [brand name] would not only allow for me to expand my knowledge on products, but I’d also be proud to represent a [talk about brand values] brand who has helped change the makeup industry into what it is today.”

    Today, I am lucky because brands often contact me. I get three to five emails a day from brands and many more from fake brands that claim to be offering products. 

    There are many things you can include in makeup tutorials

    I’ve worked for Amazon Prime, Estée Lauder, Lancôme — even Bailey Nelson sunglasses. I also work a lot for the Australian brandNature nudeI was able enter a competition because of this. Makeup Revolution. I was Top 15 in the WorldAnd won the Australian Division, which was pretty cool.

    Fortnite reached out to me directly last Halloween in regards to their Fortnitemares promotion. They had different promotions “skins,”or a player’s avatar outfit) and asked for three skins from specific creators to promote the game. 

    Brands are very generous. I have the option to choose from four lipsticks that a makeup company would like to promote. They send them out free of charge and pay shipping. They also pay you.

    I base my rates on what the client needs and how long it will take me to create the video. 

    My fees range from $800 to $1,500 per post. I used to charge $50 for a TikTok when I started — it’s hard to know what you’re doing at first.

    Other factors include my relationship with the brand as well as how large the brand is. Usually, if the brand is smaller, I won’t charge as much because they can’t afford it. 

    I’m not in this for the money. I only work with brands if they are good products and stand for something. Although my TikTok earnings are subject to change, I typically make $3,600 per month. 

    I typically spend between 6-9 hours looking for a particular look. 

    Now that we’re not in lockdown, I’m unable to do them every day because I’m still working part-time and studying architecture at a university.

    My content focuses on crazy makeup looks and is therefore largely restricted to online. Although I have thought about working full-time on TikTok and doing special-effects makeup for Hollywood stars, it’s a very competitive market that is more about who you are than what you know. I enjoy making tutorials, such as the one I made about. mascara application.

    I have a few codes for affiliates, but I don’t enjoy using them. They are not a good way for the creators to make money, or to get promoted. They haven’t made me any money. I prefer to be on a consistent PR list working with brands. 

    Halloween may be the most exciting time of year. Therefore, I need to plan additional time to create looks

    In the weeks leading up to Halloween, I receive emails from legitimate brands that want to work with my company.

    People look for inspiration during Halloween because holidays and events are big for creative makeup. Christmas, and even Valentine’s Day. Amazon Prime and many other brands want you to promote their holiday specials. It’s important to get exposure before the big days.

    Creators who want their following to follow them should also create a big makeup series. Create posts that are based on themes like album covers or Halloween killers. They seem to be very popular with people. 

    For example, I did this: audio seriesI used clips of misogynistic women and created looks while lip-syching to their rants. I was followed by many people because of that series.

    Halloween is a great way to increase your followers with something like these, but you need the same effort in every video. You need to post consistently every day to ensure that people follow you for the rest of the series. 

    Skulls will be a big hit this year

    Laura Caruk

    Caruk in skull makeup

    Laura Caruk

    Skulls can be made very quickly once you are familiar with the basics. I recommend that you find a tutorial with someone who has already drawn the basic lines for the skull. Once you have mastered the basics, you can just add some shading to deeper areas of your head. Your face is already the same size as a skull so you are only enhancing the shapes and shadows of your bone structure. 

    High-strung patterns that require symmetry are the most difficult to create. My biggest weakness is trying to be consistent with the symmetry. This is why you don’t see me wearing many mandalas.

    Do you own a TikTok that is holiday-themed? Do they have a story to relate? Email [email protected]

    How a Halloween Makeup TikToker Makes $1,500 a Post

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