Hidden Weapons in Halloween Costumes

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Let’s get real, the scariest thing out at night on Halloween isn’t a werewolf or a zombie, it’s the repulsive human species. As a woman, I have grown up learning how to safely go out at night, whether it’s by myself or in a group setting. You never know who is going to be around you or what someone’s ill intentions might be, so I’m here to give you all some advice on cute and fun ways to add weapons into your Halloween costume this spooky season! 

The basics

A simple moment is what I treasure. Bags are a great way to carry self-defense equipment. It is possible to carry Pepper spray, Window breakers, Swiss army knifeLearn how to match your Halloween costume with your purse. Not me, I’m trying to be hands-free. So let’s get into some spooky accessories! 

Self-Defense Keychains

First off, if you don’t have a self-defense keychainBuy one. The key ring isn’t just for keys, this ring allows for easy attachment anywhere. This type of weapon can be worn as jewellery. Imagine you’re serving in your sexy devil costume, and then around your neck is a beautiful red pendant that can actually cause some serious damage. Or with two of these, some glue, and a cheap black headband, you’ve got devilishly dangerous horns! Personally, I’d go for an earring look (it’s more bold), but using them as a pendant or headwear is much more accessible in a time of distress. Continue reading Amazon, they have so many colors, there’s bound to be an option to fit your look! 

Nail shape

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Something useful for self-defense on Halloween, and useful afterwards so it’s not a totally illogical expense, is getting a full set of new acrylics stiletto-style. For those of you who don’t know, a stiletto shaped acrylic is long and pointy at the end. These might not seem like the most appealing thing to you, but it is definitely worthwhile. “weapon”You can inflict serious injury with sharp, new stiletto nail tips. It can be fun to do this by purchasing an Acrylic kitAmazon makes it easy to gather your friends and enjoy a night of nail art! 

Disguised sprays

Maybe your costume has a military theme. You might be in law enforcement. Cowgirl? For cowgirl costumes, a fake gun can be used. mace spraying gun. This may seem a little unrealistic, but you could fill it with water. Isopropyl alcoholIt can be called a simple cheap perfumeIt would cause pain and discomfort to the eyes if it was sprayed in. 

Always be cautious about what you wear to Halloween. You never know the kind of monsters lurking in plain sight, and you never know when you or someone around you will need the help of a weapon. I pray none of you need to use these this Halloween, but it’s better to be prepared for something than not being prepared for anything.

Hidden Weapons in Halloween Costumes

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