After mistaking eye drops for nail glue, I was sent to hospital with chemical burns.

These bottles are very similar and both have small caps.

One lady discovered that the eye drops and nail adhesive she used were not mixed correctly and had to be careful.


The woman was mistaking the nail glue for her eye drops and ended up in hospital.Credit: TikTok
She was left with a chemical burn to her eye from the mishap


Chemical injury left her with an eye infection.Credit: TikTok

Jorgiana used TikTok to share an experience.VideoThe “that time I mistook my nail glue for eye drops and ended up in the ER”.

Before being taken to the hospital, she was clutching a small bottle of Kiss pink nail glue.

“Luckily my eye didn’t stick together but I got major chemical burn,”She continued, while she displayed her bloodshot eyes.

“Why do they have the exact same container tho,”She captioned it.

This clip attracted a lot of attention from people. “It looks so painful.”

“New fear unlocked,”You may add another person.

An additional comment was made: “Awww, bless you! Hope you’re better now!

“That tube constantly dripping looks like it would have been a life saver n soothing in the moment.”

A second person wrote that they had been in the same situation as you and shared their experience. “OMFG, I did the exact same thing!”!

She admitted the bottles of nail glue and eye drops looked very similar


Elle admitted that she was surprised at how similar the nail glue and eye drops bottles looked.Credit: TikTok

“I panicked, called 911 and then was taken to the er on a stretcher with my hand glued to my eye. You are not alone.”

Add another person: “Girl I literally did the exact thing…. HHHAHAHAHA.

“And I was like, why doesn’t the drops work??? Lemme add some more.”

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After mistaking eye drops for nail glue, I was sent to hospital with chemical burns.

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