I tried a TikTok viral manicure hack using Walgreens bargains – it went so badly my fingernails started falling off

While there are many options for manicures and other treatments, they are not all worth it. Professionals should only be trusted with certain ones.

One author cautioned against using a viral nail trend to your home. It could lead to severe itching or even cause broken nails.

Karissa Wampler, a Karissa Wampler patient, shared with us her extreme pain in her hands and nails.Credit: TikTok

Karissa WamplerWith a strong TikTok video, she began “DO NOT GET SCAMMED BY THIS TREND” warning.

“Y’all are getting Krissed right now. You know that little Gel-X TikTok trend?”She asked.

“The girls that are saying like, ‘Oh, just go to Walgreens, get some press-on nails, and then cure it with Gel-X,’”Before she was able to cut her own throat, Karissa explained what had happened.

“Take it out of your Amazon cart right now! Don’t do it!”She exclaimed.

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Gel-X soft gel nails extensions product. Gel-X can be ordered online up to $120, or in some drugstores for as low as $10

If it’s not used properly, however, it could cause severe harm.

Karissa was talking about the dangerous current trend. “cure”Gel-X nail polish is a great option to make acrylic nails.

“I did it. Yeah, my nails looked great until they started itching so bad that I had to literally pour almost boiling water on my fingers just to try to ease the pain,”She also shared her current manicure.

TikTok granted her permission to remove the video she had made of graphic language, as she wants girls to be able to see and understand this style.

The text on the screen is as follows “It was horrible unbearable itching and I was getting blisters and holes on my fingers.”

“Then my fingernails were so squishy underneath, they were falling off,” Karissa added.

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“Gel is not going to cure if there’s designs on those nails, okay,”She stated: “It cannot go through designed nails. It needs to be clear for the gel to set.”

She said that wearing uncured gel can lead to a potential life-long allergy


Uncured gel can cause a lifetime allergy, she stated.Credit: TikTok

She said that such a reaction isn’t temporary.

“You’re gonna be allergic for the rest of your life! You can never ever go to the nail salon again and get gel or you’re gonna have the most uncomfortable itching you ever felt in your entire life,”She spoke.

While there were skeptics in her comment section, nail technicians shared their expertise to back up Karissa’s claim.

“Uncured gel has many many allergens that only go away once fully cured. When you do the press-on trick, the gel is only partly cured,”One nail tech said it.

She was adamant about people not making the same mistake that she did


She insisted that no one else make her mistake.Credit: TikTok

Karissa shares her experience with TikToks made by licensed nail technicians. @AmberTheNailWhisperer.

Amber explained that it was important to use UV light with enough strength. This requirement is not required for most products sold for personal use.

“Sure, you probably get it 50 percent cured and it’s hard enough and it stays. But 50 percent cured isn’t fully cured and you’re leaving yourself open to developing an allergy to gel products.”

Karissa’s comments were filled with people sharing their negative experiences with Gel-X, regardless of whether they used colored press-ons and weak heating lamps.

“I’m allergic to gel and I promise you don’t want this!!! I’m talking about burning skin, itchy skin, peeling and cracking skin,”One thought.

Other people were stunned because they planned to be part of the new trend.

“Just ordered $80 worth of press-ons, gel, and gel lamp two days ago,”A person might have spoken something and another may have added it: “Not me going to empty my cart.”

I tried a TikTok viral manicure hack using Walgreens bargains – it went so badly my fingernails started falling off

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