Ithuba is a nail salon that offers face masks as well as the Digital Vibes Connection.

Scorpio’s investigation revealed that Zweli Makhize, former Health Minister and Bheki Cele were recipients of a donation of 100,000 masks. These masks were originally purchased using state funds.

FILE: Digital Vibes chief Tahera Mater, (R), with Zweli Makhize, the former Health Minister. Tahera Mather/Facebook

JOHANNESBURG – A Scorpio investigationZweli Makhize (the former Health Minister and Bheki Cele the Police Minister), received a total of 100,000 face masks. The masks were initially purchased with state looted money.

It was broadcast May 2020. This occurred just one month after country recorded first COVID-19.

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Ithuba Holdings, operator of South Africa’s national lottery, donated the masks.

The latest addition to the R150million Digital Vibes tender is this company.

Anban Pillay (the then-acting Director General of the Health Department) reached out to Tammy Taylor, a top-end nail salon business, for a quote regarding reusable masks in April 2020.

Tahera Mater, an important player in the R150 Million illegal tender by Health Department 2020, reached out to the company.

Digital Vibes bought 100,000 masks reusable from Tammy Taylor.

Ithuba Holdings purchased the masks of Spin Wizards Communications later. It was believed that this company was one of the fronts used during the COVID-19 crisis to conceal state funds.

A Scorpio investigation shows that the R5.9 million that Ithuba paid for the masks was distributed to Mkhize’s associates, including his son, Dedani, and former personal assistant, Mather.

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Ithuba is a nail salon that offers face masks as well as the Digital Vibes Connection.

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