Jennifer Lopez’s Flower Nail Design Actually Utilizes *Real* Florals

The march air is more active the second it’s. HinweisWarmth is celebrated across the entire hemisphere. Immediately and simultaneously, café tables are dragged out to the sidewalk, puffer coats prepare for a summer in the storage unit, and florals of all sorts start popping up on blouses, bags, and manicures. Now, a springtime flower is a joke. Prada, the Devil Wears quote) they’re a classic for a reason, and J.Lo’s take on flower nail designAll you need is proof. When you think floral print manicures, chances are you imagine some classic polish-and-paint brush nail art — but, being the legendary diva she is, Lopez opted for a much more opulent take on the trend by using actual dried flowers on her nails. It’s a decadent twist on a springtime favorite and, fortunately for fans, her nail artist is more than happy to share exactly how he makes it happen.

These nails flowers can be used for decoration Tom Bachik, one of Hollywood’s most elite manicurists. Lopez, along with Bachik and other stars like Selena Gomez or Olivia Rodrigo are closely associated. He calls the flowers “his breakdown”. “bohemian rock and roll nails”, which is an apt description — the dried flower detailing is more than a little cottagecore in the most high-fashionThis is possible.

Despite this, design looks undeniably intricate, the beauty of this style is that it’s relatively easy to recreate at home with the right materials — and pro-issued instructions from Bachik himself. You will need to find dried flowers of the desired color. Dry flowers are available at florists, craft shops and art suppliers as well Amazon. This is spring, consider enjoying a regular bouquet before drying and pressing the blooms yourself — admittedly, though, that requires just a BitYou have more time

After gathering his materials, Bachik explains in an Instagram post that he preps the nail by gently pushing back the cuticles and shaping the nail — Bachik’s own excellent kit, made in collaboration with Tweezerman, comes equipped with every possible nail tool — for the polish coming next. The final step is to clean the nails. design work.

Bachik starts with prepping nails, then applies Bio Seaweed gel to the base coat. He then randomly places dried flowers onto the nails. Crucially, Bachik lets plenty of natural nailbed shine through around the floral edges — this is part of what keeps the look more bohemian rather than straight-up cutesy.

He also uses the same brand for a single coat on topcoat. He also recommends that you use a single coat of topcoat. “only one layer of top coat to keep the flower texture and natural look.” It really is that simple — just a few products and tools for a meadow manicure perfect for a sunny Saturday.

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Jennifer Lopez’s Flower Nail Design Actually Utilizes *Real* Florals

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