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Review: Star Trek: Lower Decks #1
IDW Publishing
Written by: Ryan North
Chris Fenoglio, Art
Letter & Design by: Johanna Nattalie

Comic adaptation of the first comic Star Trek: Lower Decks warped into comic retailers last week and if you’re a fan of the show, you won’t be disappointed. [NOTE: Review contains spoilers]

Ryan North, Eisner-winning comics author (Adventure TimeChris Fenoglio’s flawless art (Star Wars Adventures), Star Trek: Lower Decks #1, much like its streaming counterpart, flies at a delightfully frenetic pace – and that’s not a bad thing. “Non-Herberts” North, Fenoglio, and Nattalie managed to cram in as many easter eggs, callbacks, and public domain adversaries as you can shake a bat’leth at. There’s even a cameo from our good friend(?) Badgey appears at the book’s end, with a useful callbacks list. To top it off, there’s a sarcastic, amusing wink to the reader in the form of a narrator breaking the 4th wall at the bottom of the pages. It’s as if Lower DecksIt is now sentient. *Looks at camera*

This is the Way to Eden

Let’s get straight to the point – this has to be one of the best comic adaptations I’ve ever read. It’s exactly how these characters speak. show and I can hear the actors’ voices in my head as if I was watching an episode of the show. I InterviewRyan North, a writer from startrek.com shared his collaboration. Lower Decks Mike McMahan was the showrunner for comic scripts. He was able to nail The Simpsons’ tone through this. show. The interview revealed that North was not able to plan for much of the events. PicardThe premiere of Season 3 will be in February 2023. He stated, 

It’s funny — one of the first ideas I had I got super excited about and wrote this 10-page document about what the story could be, and sent it off to Mike. The next morning, he called and told me: “This is amazing, but we can’t use any of it, because you just plotted out a lot of what’s happening in Star Trek: Picard Season 3.” So, uh, that’s how I accidentally spoiled myself on Picard Season 3.

Hmm, Is there a universe that isn’t? PicardSeason 3 is finished Lower Decks? IDW: This will be in summer 2023.

Ships in bottles

Boimler (Mariner) and Tendi will spend much of the story on the Holodeck. Captain Freeman, Commander Ransom, and Captain Freeman deal with the rouge Catullans and Second Contact with an alien world. It is exciting to see them race across holodecks as though they were riding on Dabo wheels. The fans of TOSAlso TNG will be pleasantly surprised with where and when they go, especially if you’re a fan of any ship named Enterprise. In his interview, North recalls a conversation with McMahan about stuff they can’t do on the showThis comic’s place in it.

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It was difficult for some reason, he said. show characters and other elements from the previous shows on Lower Decks, but I wasn’t under those restrictions, and he’d hoped I’d take advantage of it. The first issue features a scene where I let loose. As an example, I wanted to make sure my favourite starship class, the Ambassador class from Enterprise-C was included. 

Yes, Mariner’s (and everyone’s, right?) Among other starships bearing the name, the C, Mariner’s favorite Enterprise, makes an appearance. This issue is much like the show) relies heavily on nostalgia, there’s a hilarious twist involving a certain public domain character that Mariner tries to “Moriarty-ify.”You will understand it if you carefully read it. 

Kings of the Hill

North could go to places where no other comic was capable of going with the tractor beam on. Two of the most famous holodeck program are available comically to add some comic relief. No, it’s not in Sherwood ForestOder you Old WestThese two wear amazing hats. 

Shades Of Gray (and Many Other Colors)

Chris Fenoglio (artist) is not a stranger to fandom. He’s also drawn before for another franchise. WarsIt will be found in the title. Batman: The Animated Series and X-Files, Orphan Black. The art is so good, it’s like the issue was taken directly from the actual production. 

No Rubber Ducky Room…Yet

This issue was missing a look at the rubber ducky room. I guess I’m just going to have to wait until the next Lower Decks series. North in the rubber ducky region:

The three issues have each 30 pages. “Wow, compared to the 20 page issues I normally do, these are absolutely spacious! I’ll be able to fit everything I want!” But I couldn’t. Even in space, there’s not enough space. My 10-page sequence about Rubber Ducky Room had to be cut.

IDW did an amazing job on this adaptation. Issue 1 ends on a cliffhanger so I’m really looking forward to reading the rest of the 3-issue series.

Chris Fenoglio covers

Now Available

Star Trek: Lower Decks The #1 edition arrived on September 14. Each copy can be purchased separately TFAW. You can also pick up an individual Amazon/comiXology: Digital editions.

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Lower Decks #1 Is A Hilariously Perfect Comic Adaptation – TrekMovie.com

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