Inspirations for Nails from Celebrity Artists

You don’t even have to see the fall 2022 runways in order to know what Y2K fashion is. back—in full force. Even though we will always treasure the smudged liners and shimmery chainmail dresses of 2000s parties, there’s one early-aughts look that is still relevant: the French manicure. A French manicure, which is the traditional French manicure, can be used to start nail art. The manicure has a neutral base, and an accent half-moon on each nail. The classic manicure will see an update in 2022.

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“I think the French manicure has always been a go-to since its debut from Jeff Pink in 1978, but now with modern nail technology, you can tailor it to your own style and taste,” EuphoriaNail artists of celebrity status Natalie MinervaLet’s Tell “It’s always fun to take something classic and give it a personal spin.”

Often featuring bold or pastel colors, or an intricate pattern to head off its classic silhouette, the nouveau French manicure—or as Minerva coins the style, the French twist—offers a punchier take on nail art than its predecessor, with the same high level of sophistication. A thicker or thinner half-moon shape is possible (known as micro French) to create a more textural appearance. You also have the option of using accent gems, glittery nails polishes, or pearls for a shimmery, shiny, or glittery look.

“The Y2K ‘movement’ has seen an uptick in beauty because fashion has been heading in that direction for some time now,”Minerva can be added to the mix. “I think it’s because people love feeling nostalgic, and they’re fun to look at. These looks are colorful and exploratory; you don’t need to hold back when you go that route.”

Nail artists of celebrity status Sigourney NuñezShe concurs and says that 2000s are a time when beauty enthusiasts have fond memories of the past, particularly during pandemics. “We are living through very tumultuous times, so it makes sense to turn to nostalgia for comfort, which is a big reason Y2K trends are back,”She elaborates.

Bright, cheery designs are not only enhanced by accents and depths of line, but the French twist includes a variety nail art illustrations to make it more modern. DesignYou have the option to go further. “Nail art in general is pretty noncommittal. Nail polish can last four to six days without a chip, and a gel manicure can last up to three weeks. So in general, people are more likely to get more playful with color since it doesn’t last very long,” Nuñez adds. “Some other Y2K trends that are translating to nails are hearts and butterflies paired with colorful French tips.”

Minerva claims that many variants of the nail trends are used in beauty look to compliment the other styles. EuphoriaSeason 2. “I see French twists on Instagram every day! I actually did quite a few fun French variations on Euphoria with Alexa, Sydney, and Barbie for their characters. It’s just a fun way to dress up a nail.”

Marissa Galante Frank, Bloomingdale’s fashionDirector of accessories and beauty, reveals that the most popular TV shows include Euphoria They are the current leaders in nail and makeup trends.. “We’re seeing beauty brands embrace more color, glitter, and embellishments like crystals in their assortment. It reflects that Y2K style and is also a nod to popular shows known for their incredible beauty looks, like Euphoria,“She says. “The current nail trends reflect the overall mood in beauty and accessories. We’re all looking for fun, expression, and to embrace color. sparkleEach step of the way. Why would our opinions on nails change if we can wear glitter eyeliner and have a crystal handbag?

The number of professionals selling at-home tools and kits has increased as more nail enthusiasts feel empowered to take their beauty into their own hands. Nuñez Due to the effects on the pandemic, she says she has also seen an increase of clients and customers looking to improve their nail arts skills. “Products like nail kits and polish are selling, because people learned how to do their own nails during quarantine. Since salons were closed, people turned to Instagram and TikTok to learn how to properly remove their enhancements at home, which was likely the gateway to DIY manicures for some people. Nail stickers are also popular at the moment, because they’re super easy to apply for the nail pro and the everyday consumer.”

Les Mains Nail Enamel

Hermès Les Mains Nail Enamel
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Vernis à Ongles Nail Polish

Gucci Vernis à Ongles Nail Polish
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Les Mains Hermès Hand Cream

Hermès Les Mains Hermès Hand Cream
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When it comes to planning your next manicure idea, experts say the Y2K influence has a lasting grip on current nail trends and is here to stay—at least for the next several months. “It’s hard to imagine anything people haven’t covered with how broad-scope the Internet is in spreading and pushing nail trends,”Minerva “All I can really say in terms of the trajectory of Y2K-style nails is that it’s not going away anytime soon, and people aren’t holding back on color, texture, or patterns.”

Get Sigourney Nuñez’s Shroomy French nails, inspired by Harry Styles’s Pleasing:

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  1. For a job, apply Base coatTake care of your nails.
  2. Use Bio Seaweed Gel’s Liner 3 detail brushEnjoy the Pleasure and the Thrill Of It Sprouting PolishTo paint a smile line. Use the bottle brush to fill in any gaps. Apply a second coat to increase opacity after the first one is dried.
  3. Use the Pleasing’s detail brush Vine Ripe PolishTo make a mushroom-like effect, you can draw small circles around the edges of the area.
  4. Pleasing’s can be added to your coat The Dewniverse: All of ItAdd a subtle, holo effect to complete the look.

Natalie Minerva’s Paradise French Nails:

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  1. Please apply Round Short Natural Apres Gel XFor extended length
  2. Add Presto’s Polish with no sanding base gelThe treatment of the Apres Gel LampIt will take 20 seconds.
  3. Start at the tip of your nail with a fine liner brush. Use a fine liner brush to paint a thin blue line. Riccagel 162M.
  4. Threerd step: Repeat the first two steps. Riccagel 184M(olive) Riccagel 187M(peach) Use the same width as the blue color for all lines.
  5. Next, take black gel polish (opt for Riccagel 002MAdd the following:
  6. Add the finishing touches to your look by adding a top gel coatTreat and set

Inspirations for Nails from Celebrity Artists

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