New Southampton nail salon, Eliana’s in London Road

Eliana’s London Road will be open Monday March 7th, offering a unique service.

Relaxing while nail technicians are working, customers can be encouraged to discuss their mental health.

Safwan Zulfukar hails from Southampton and was a local counsellor at the YMCA.

“We are offering one-to-one services while the clients are getting their nails done,”The 27-year old, who lives in central London, said this.

“Maybe the customer will have underlying mental health issues, maybe they wish to speak with the person doing their nails – if they’ve got any issues in the past, or they’re dealing with things now.

“I believe a lot of businesses are not touching upon anything to do with mental health, and it’s a big thing, but it’s just not looked upon and people struggle.

“So I want to offer a place that is friendly where you can come and speak to someone and go from there.”

He holds a law degree from the University of Winchester. His experience with people suffering from mental illnesses will be a benefit to him in building a business.

“I’ve chosen to do this as a new project, something that is a new topic and hasn’t really been done before,”He continued.

“I haven’t seen any beauty businesses, an industry which can often set standards high and hurt mental health, do this kind of thing.”

Former Natwest Bank 45 London Road was a part of it. The former Natwest Bank has split it into several smaller units.

The possibility of the building being converted into flats was discussed in 2018. However, there was never a planning application.

Eliana’s is still looking for jobs.

Email Mr Zulfukar if you’re interested in applying to the job [email protected]

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New Southampton nail salon, Eliana’s in London Road

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