Pear Nova Releases ‘Wakanda Forever’Inspiration Press-On Nails Capsule

If you’re already slightly stressed about what to wear for Marvel Studios’ highly anticipated premiere of Wakanda Forever, Black PantherNail care is something you may not think about. design. Luxury nail care brand Pear Nova is coming to the rescue, though, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of getting your nails done. Your nails will feel vibranium thanks to the collaboration. 

Pear Nova x Wakanda Forever, Black PantherLayovers will go on sale October 1. This collaboration includes three Layovers sets featuring customized designs by creatives and minorities. You can find Layovers here “sequel to Pear Nova’s award-winning, luxury, vegan and nontoxic (10 free) nail lacquers.”The set contains 24 faux nails, each in an almond shape, as well as one buffer/nail-file, one cuticle stick, and one nail glue. Each set will cost $25.50 USD, while the 3-set collection costs $70. 

Vibranium Claws Layovers are the most popular. These include blue faux nails, iridescent yellow, blue art and Vibranium claws. design in a black frame representing Wakanda’s vibranium. Wakandan Technology 101 Layovers is the second. It has transparent nails and grey tips. This set is inspired by Shuri’s lab, Wakandan technology, and the scientific advancements behind the Black Panther’s coveted claw necklace. Rituals+ royals Layovers is the last set. It features a matte nail finish with multiple-colored brushstrokes in green, orange, and pink. Wakanda’s all-female special forces, the Dora Milaje, inspired these nails.

The inspiration behind this collection was a combination of Pear Nova Founder and CEO Rachel James’s love of Black PantherShe is her own person.  

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“As a boy-Mom turned Marvel fanatic, I, like so many other people, fell in love with all the elements of Black Panther,” shared Pear Nova’s Founder and CEO Rachel JamesA press release “From Wakanda’s rich culture to female governance, I was completely inspired by their world and everything in it.”

James was able to create a collection that reflected her company’s ethos, which is to bridge the gap between beauty, community, and beauty, and she also bridged the gap in beauty and culture. 

“In creating our first collection of Layovers, I wanted to pay homage to the story that inspired so many and express the adoration I felt for Black Panther and Wakanda. I also wanted to develop a product that would make my sons proud, and I think with this collection, we’ve accomplished all of that and more,” James continued.  

Pear Nova x Wakanda Forever, Black Panther Layovers will be made available starting on Pearnova.comAlso Marvel Studios’ Wakanda Forever, Black Panther The film will open in cinemas on November 11, 2022. You can check out the trailer.

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Black Panther – “Wakanda Forever”

Pear Nova Releasing ‘Wakanda Forever’Inspiration Press-On Nails Capsule

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