The Press-On Nails are here to stay

If you would have told 15-year-old me — a Black girl who had Finally been deemed old enough to start getting acrylic tips added to my manicure at the neighborhood salon — that I would one day abandon full sets, I wouldn’t haven’t believed you. Perhaps you could suggest press-onIf nails were used to make me quit doing my manicures, I’d be offended.

Black women still consider custom nails to be one of their most valuable accessories. You can express your creativity with custom nails. It’s not unusual to have your nails done with a specific outfit in mind. Or to have your lover’s name written across the tips. It’s quite common. Art.

I broke nails all the time and was walking about with ugly evidence until I found a hairdresser. I would sometimes have my nails fall and cause pain in my fingers. The effort was well worth it. The press-ons weren’t well-received at the time. It was like wearing Polo Ralph Lauren clothes or shoes from Payless. They were viewed as cheap, tacky alternatives for those who didn’t have the time or money to go to a nail salon.

Some people were justified in their disdain.

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Press-on nails are only available in select pharmacies or beauty shops in limited sizes and colors. These nails were made from thin and fragile materials. These were not as creative and sloppy as those we handcrafted at the salon. They had red-oval this, pink-oval there. It’s 2022, and self-care does not have to be so difficult, expensive, or inconvenient. The beauty industry is experiencing a major shift. The one constant thing is that Black women are still setting the standard when it comes nail trends.

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Jordan Williams was always a hateful person. “walking around with bare nails”She never finds the time to go to a salon. She had completed a course in nail tech, but she knew she didn’t want to be a traditional nail artist. “Press-on nails gave me an outlet to design nails without the hazards,”I was able to get it explained by her email.

So, let’s be inspired by her “intense love for manicured nails and all things luxury,”Williams was born High Voltage NailsThere are dozens to choose from in 2019, with different shapes and lengths. All of them are custom-sized to your nail size and sent straight to your door. HVN’s options range from classic ombré’d French tips, to a handpainted cow print in both white and “Chocolate Milk,”A blinged out set is called “Spoil Me.”Williams is just one of the many Black entrepreneurs offering fashionable and convenient manicures for everyone.

Some of the biggest names in nail art are now offering press-ons. Chicago-based Tacarra ‘Spifter’ SuttonWhile she is a talented multi-disciplinary artist, her best achievement has to be her nail art. She is a well-known name for her bold colors and free-flowing lines, as well as her abstract techniques. These are all inherited from her time working in graphic design. Designer Since 2008 she is a prominent figure in nail arts. Adrienne Bailon, Chrisette Michele and other celebrities are among her clients. To get a traditional manicure, it can be difficult to schedule an appointment across the street from Spifster. She says she is happy to help out-of-town customers who use press-ons for access. “Spiffed” look. Slowly, she has begun to create limited-edition press-ons that are exclusive to her.


To Gracie J. from The Editorial NailEx-TNT nail salon lead ClawsShe was also a part of the daily routine that involved press-ons. There are many adhesive methods that can be used to apply press-ons. “a more efficient way to alternate between looks on set and keep the pace going,”She stated. Similar to lace-front and lac-front wigs, the press-ons no longer remain a secret among actors. They are part of every DIY beauty regimen. Gracie has recently created her own press-on brand, called TENX.

The ongoing pandemic in the world is responsible for this shift to pressies. We have all been asked to reconsider the things that put us in close contact with strangers. The USA was hit by COVID-19, and lockdown directives came into effect. Businesses that were not essential to the economy suffered most. These included loved nail salons. Nail connoisseurs were forced to consider other options for our manicures and press-on nails were a natural go-to — beauty entrepreneurs were happy to address this need, with brands like Chillhouse and Olive and June quickly pivoting to press-ons, and copycat companies swarming our Instagram feeds seemingly overnight. This was also a chance for Black-owned brands, such as Williams’ HVN, to shine. EthereallyTouchedNails, Studio Sassy NailsThese are only a few.

“During the pandemic many people who were accustomed to frequenting the salon started realizing that their nail routine was very much a part of their self care practices,” says Gracie J. “People want to keep a sense of normalcy through a time that is often isolating.”I am one of them. I consider press-ons an essential part of my daily routine. It’s not about the actual process of applying them. Although it is very quick, it’s not something I consider relaxing. It’s more about the familiar comfort that I get from having my nails done. I feel more inspired to dress up and socialize with people (even though it’s via Facetime). Prices for custom-made designs have dropped to $90, plus tip. While there’s a premium press-on market where sets cost more than $100, good presses are rarely worth $50.

High Voltage Nails Co.

Looking back at my disdainful past for press-ons I now realize that part was due to the fact that I didn’t apply them correctly. You should prepare your nails properly by cleaning your cuticles, and polishing them. It’s also worth trying different kinds of nail glue — I recommend This brand. It is easy to learn how to use press -ons. Black women not only are top-tier nail artist but they also create nail art content. “Through reels and articles on press-on application, your everyday girl is now equipped with the knowledge to actually make those press-ons stay,”Sutton stated. The appeal of their self-applied and purchased press-ons is what makes them so appealing.

These are the words and phrases used by Gracie J. “People want fun and easy. They don’t want to over complicate their lives.”Contrary to pandemic hype, there are already signs that things will slow down.Peloton is currently unavailable() It is unlikely that the pressies will disappear anytime soon. Williams gives some guidance to artists wanting to be part of the action. “It is really important to have a plan to scale. You cannot complete thousands of orders by hand so start thinking of your long term growth plan.”Spifster expects existing brands to add press-ons to their product lines in order meet the demands of more customers across the luxury-to-drugstore continuum. This will allow you to obtain nail content faster. ‘gram. Thankfully, we don’There is no reason to compromise on style and convenience.

Sesali bowen is a podcast host, culture reporter and author. Bad Fat Black Girl – Notes from a Trap Female, HarperCollins is now available.

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The Press-On Nails are here to stay

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