Rupi Kaur Sees Beauty in Deep Connections

Rupi was very active over the past decades. Following going viral in 2015They were also pioneers in the field of “Insta-Poet” art movement,” the poet, artist, performer, and best-selling author has written and published three books of poetry—Dairy and honey, The Sun and Her Flowers,Also The Homebody—executive-produced and starred in Amazon Prime’s Rupi Kaur’s Live,Then, he embarked upon an immersive spoken-word world tour.

She has also written another book since then at the age of 30. Words can heal,This book is different from her previous publications. It’s not a compilation of poetry. Instead, it contains guided and curated writing exercises. You are invited to explore her world of writing, creativity and healing. “I’m nervous and excited,”Kaur tells Glamour, “and those emotions are kind of one and the same, because this isn’t a collection of poetry. I’m excited to see what my readers do with the book and what it can become in their hands.”

Kaur’s creativity may be what makes it stand out Seem like she never stops, but the poet makes a conscious effort to take time for herself—principally while on tour. “I’m somebody who loves routine, and that repetitiveness of doing the same thing every day is really important, especially when you’re in a brand-new city every 24 hours,”According to her, “At the beginning, I wanted do the most: take all of the photos, talk to readers, sign books for bookstores. I had so many things going on, but I wasn’t having fun. In this UK-European leg of tour, I needed to reevaluate my priorities, and if they’re really priorities, that list can’t be very big.”

Kaur speaks out about her tour schedule, what it is like to make time for herself and the nail designs she enjoys. Glamour‘s Big Beauty Questions.

Glamour: How can you make time for self-care?

Rupi KaurRight before I set out on my road, I found a new therapist who gave me the best advice. She said that your day is in three parts—the morning, the day, and the nighttime—and I should only be working only two of those times. I decided the mornings have to be mine, because I know I get into hair and makeup—I start at 1 p.m.—and from one until midnight, I’I’m at the venue doing sound checks, and being pulled around in various directions. My team knows that I’m usually there from 1 p.m. until someone dies.

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So my thing is, I get up in the morning, take the book that I’m reading at the moment—currently, that’s Dune—aI’ll bring my journal. It makes me smile, and I love my bright pink ink pen. Then I go to a café—because all of the coffee in Europe is amazing, and the pastries are incredible—and order a pain au chocolat with a cortado. My time is limited.

What’s one beauty trend you’re obsessed with right now?

My friends have gotten me obsessed with nail art, so that’s been something that I really enjoy doing—getting my nails done. This is truly inspiring to me. AdeleBecause I feel like she’s been killing the nail game.

Which nail color do you prefer?

It’s my favorite design, especially in fall, to do is the marble cheetah situation. This is Harry’s Chair by Pleasing, which I am currently wearing. It’s a gorgeous green that’s very Gucci. It’s autumn fun.

The Hot Holiday Set

$55.00 Pleasing

Do you have a beauty tip that is a must-have?

It’s all in the details for me FeelingsIt’s good. Moving my body makes me feel happy. When I dance, exercise or go to the gym, I feel more happy and beautiful.

Fill in the blank. It is when I _____ that I feel the most beautiful.

I’m laughing.

Can you remember which product was the first you used for your beauty regimen?

I’m the oldest child of four, and my mom never really liked makeup. My mom taught me how to do makeup very late. My first experimentation with makeup was when I was in college. My first attempt at makeup was with lip gloss. Next came lip gloss. Lip gloss makes me look beautiful because my lips are plump and moisturised.

Do you have a favorite song for getting ready in the morning?

Before I step on the stage, it is crucial that you practice your dance moves and listen carefully to the music. show. It’s been a lot UK rap because we’re in the UK. Dua Lipa, Harry Styles, BeyoncéThere are many Afrobeats. A lot of Punjabi songs will be heard. We just love Punjabi music and it gets us moving so we dance around and make ridiculous videos.

Travel is something you do often. What country/city has most inspired you?

Although there have been many beautiful places, I feel that it’s less about the places than the people and the conversations I have in specific cities. Tour has taught me—and it’s something that I already know, that we all know—but it’s so powerful when people share their stories.

It’s been a stark reminder of the importance of each person’s life and their stories. More listening is all that’s needed. Touring has proven to be a wonderful way for me to accomplish this. While it was challenging to make contact with COVID members, it was wonderful that we were able to meet again.

Is there an Emoji you love?

I excessively communicate in emoji, actually, so I would say…I love the girl with the red dress dancing. You can let her express your emotions. The smiley with the tear and the eyes are my favorite part of her. I also love the eyes. I’m always side-eyeing.

Would you like to see beauty perceived differently?

The ability to actually see people and their bodies. Sometimes I’ll look at pictures and wonder what they are like. “Oh my God, this person’s skin doesn’t have a single pore.”There is not texture. It is so common to see retouched images. I’m like, “Oh my God, do I need to go get a chemical peel? What’s wrong with me? I look like a slob.”Then, I find: “Oh wait, everybody’s Facetuning.”

It’s one of the main reasons I don’t like to spend too much time on internet. You see these pictures and you can feel inferior. This makes you feel less. In the two-years that have passed, there has been a significant increase in women sharing unretouched photographs. It’s always a reminder to only post the best 400 selfies that we took.

Which women inspire you the most?

Right now, I’m inspired by the Iranian women who are protesting. Mahsa was a Kurdish woman who was basically killed by the regime. “wearing her hijab improperly.”Iran is known for its brutal and cruel treatment of protestors. It’s so scary, but it doesn’t matter because women are out on the streets protesting and raising voices against the government. When I see these clips from the last two weeks, I’m just in awe at their power.

You are close to your birthday. What are your plans for celebrating your birthday this year?

I’m throwing a huge party. We’re going to wear all the ’70s glitter and glam. I’m flying home to it and will dance all night. Then, I’ll be back on my road.

Danielle Sinay is associate beauty editor Glamour. You can follow her Instagram account @sarah_o_daviddaniellesinay.

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Rupi Kaur Sees Beauty in Deep Connections

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