Design Your Nails Shortly for 2022

Although short nails can be neat and practical, they don’t lend themselves to nail art. The small size of your hands limits the possibilities for nail art. It is impossible to create some nail art on a narrow nail plate.

You don’t have a right to live a life of solid colors if you want to keep your nails short. You can find many options for short nails on the Internet. These designs can also be used to inspire you when visiting the salon. Below are some of the most popular nail designs for shorter nails, if you don’t have much length. (

French Manicure Two-Tone

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French manicures are suitable for shorter nails because they have a subtle accent. These steps will allow you to achieve a multi-colored version of the classic manicure. Christina KaoCo-founder and CEO Le Mini Macaron.

  1. Form nails how you want
  2. Do two coats with light pink nail polish, and allow to dry. Gel nail polishes can also be dried.
  3. Dip Le Mini Macaron Liner Nail Art Brush (Buy It, $13, a similar detailer tool into hot pink nail polish. To create a curved line, draw two lines diagonally at each nail’s tip. Use a filler to close the gaps at either end. Let dry or cure if using gel polish.
  4. Gel polishes are easy to dry or cure by using a topcoat. (

Glitter Outline

No matter how short your nails are, you still have plenty of room to outline them. Clear coats can be accented with glitter or black polish (as shown), or you can go with contrasting matte shades. Here’s how to do the short nail. design Shelena Robinson, global education manager at OPI.

  1. Form nails how you want
  2. Let dry after applying a primer coat.
  3. You can dip a detailer brushBuy It, $4 per Three into a black nail polish. For an outline, trace a line down the side of each nail. A thin line can be drawn along the cuticle, or the tip of each nail. This process can be repeated for each finger. Apply a second coat if necessary. Let dry.
  4. You can trace the lines using a detailer. Let dry.
  5. Clean the lines using a detail brush that’s been coated in nail polish remover.
  6. Use a topcoat and allow to dry.

French Manicure – Side French

You can flip the mani if your regular French manicures are not appealing to you. designIt is better to apply the color along each side of the finger, and not just at the tips. You’ll be able to create a striking combination of colors, such as red and dark, by using an unusual color combination like black and red. Keep reading for more information. Melinda CarrilloNail artist Pear NovaStudio created this look.

  1. Form nails how you want
  2. Use a base coat to protect the polish.
  3. One coat sheer pink nail polish applied and left to dry.
  4. You can dip a detailer brushIt can be made red, as in Pear Nova Truth Oar Gel Lacquer (Buy It, $21, pearnova.comApply a moon-shaped pattern to each side of your nails. Let dry.
  5. You can dip a Dotting instrumentPurchase It for $5, Five thin lines of black polish along the red stripes to make an abstract design. Let dry.
  6. Use a topcoat and allow to dry. (BTW, these dotting tools can be used to replicate Sydney Sweeney’s cute spring manicure.

Foil Tips

Foil can be used to enhance nails. “You can apply [foil] to the full nail, or as an abstract french as we did in this video,”Jennifer Bell, senior market manager at Bellacures salons. “Foils are a fun way to add some shape or patterns to your nails that can be super difficult to paint on without loads of skill. This look is best achieved using gel polishes.”

  1. Form nails how you want
  2. If you’re using gel polish, apply a top coat and let it dry.
  3. Use two coats of nail varnish with nude polish, such OPI puts it in neutral (Buy It, $11, above. Cure each coat after it is dried.
  4. You should cut a roll of paper to approximately 12 inches rainbow foil (Buy It, $10,
  5. Get in touch nail foil glue (Buy It, $7, amazon.comThe foil should be placed in the area you want. Press the foil onto glue. The foil can be pressed flat or pulled off fast to get the desired look.
  6. For each nail, continue this process.
  7. Top coat and allow it to dry.

Mix and Match

You are unsure whether you want a French manicure? You can create mismatched nail designs. No matter if you use complementary colours or different shades, the end result is visually pleasing. Below are some suggestions to help you achieve this look. DesignAccording to Kao

  1. Form nails how you want
  2. You can use gel polishes as a foundation coat.
  3. You can dip a detailer brushLine your index finger’s tip with a lighter shade of nail polish. It will make a French manicure. Let dry or cure if using gel polish. Continue the procedure for the second index finger.
  4. Draw a line along one side using a detailer brush, light polish and a pencil. Complete the lines. Use a darker color to the nail opposite. Continue with the other ring finger.
  5. Apply two coats of nail varnish to the remainder of your fingers, changing between darker and lighter colors. If using gel polish, cure between coats.
  6. You can clean any mistakes with a detailer brush that has been soaked in acetone.
  7. Use a topcoat and allow to dry.

Checkered Nail Art

You can scale the checkered nail art as the one below. Robinson suggests that you use a 7-millimeter detailer. This gives you greater control of small areas. If your nails are long, a 9-millimeter brush can cover more area in less time. Robinson gives his top tips on creating short, cute nails.

  1. Form nails how you want
  2. Use a base coat and allow to dry.
  3. Pink polish, just a drop OPI Your Vending Machine Dreams (Buy It, $11, ulta.comDrag a piece of aluminum foil or a palette onto the board. Drag a detailer brushApply the lacquer to the entire brush, from the tip to the base. To evenly coat the brush’s hairs, repeat this process two or three times more. Draw two lines to make a grid on the nails.
  4. Make a checker by placing two diagonal squares between each nail. design. Dry, and you can go again.
  5. Use a topcoat and allow to dry.

Jewel Accents

Nail stickers are in fashion. You can make a stunning stack of rings by applying jewelled ones to your nails. These stickers can either be used over the color of your choice, like in this example, or applied to your nails as a French manicure. Here’s how to achieve this short nail. Design according to Kao. (

  1. Form nails how you want
  2. Use a base coat to protect the polish.
  3. Dip Le Mini Macaron Liner Nail Art BrushUse the same brush as above to create a white nail polish. Draw two lines on each tip of the nail to create a curve. Fill in the spaces at the center of each nail. Let dry or cure if using gel polish.
  4. You can use three to four jewel nails stickers. Le Mini Macaron Nail Play! Set of nail art (Buy It, $18, leminimacaron.comUse a pair or tweezers.
  5. Gel polishes are easy to dry or cure by using a topcoat.

Accents for the Heart

For simple but effective nail art, you can try drawing hearts onto a handful of your nails. The above-mentioned design is all that’s required. Kao shows you how to get this look. (

  1. Form nails how you want
  2. Two coats in a light rose hue are enough. Cure for 30 seconds in between coats if using gel polish or let dry.
  3. Dip Le Mini Macaron Liner Nail Art BrushTo apply dark pink nail polish, use a similar detailer tool. Gel polish: Draw a line around the nail and add two hearts. For each additional finger, repeat this process.
  4. Use a topcoat and allow to dry.

Manicure with Skittles

It’s not a simple nail. Skittles manicure isn’t a big problem. It’s more fun to use a different color for each finger than it is to use the same color throughout the entire manicure. Skittles manicures can be achieved even after your nails are bitten. “This spring, we see this trend taking a more subtle turn,” says Bell. “Instead of reaching for a mix of bright pinks, we are going to see a lot of neutral, softer, subtle skittles out there. Think olive greens, grey-blues, or nudes.”

  1. Form nails how you want
  2. Let dry after applying a primer coat.
  3. Do two coats on each nail. Switch to another nail color after that. For lighter colors, a third coat might be necessary. Let dry.
  4. Use a topcoat and allow to dry.

Design Your Nails Shortly for 2022

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