Here are 12 of the Best Fall Pie Baking Tools in 2022

If you are a big fan of fall, it’s likely that you love the flavors. You’d be surprised at how many of the year’s best baking recipes can be found in fall and holiday pies. Autumn pies can be enjoyed by all, no matter what your favorite vegetable is: sweet potato sweet potato sweet potato sweet potato or sweet potato.

As any baker can tell, holiday pies are only possible if you have the proper tools and ingredients. You can make delicious pies from frozen pie crusts or bake your own pies. We will be sharing the most important tools bakers need to complete difficult tasks such as making latticetops. We’ve also included specialty ingredients and ingredients that will make your pies shine. ShowIt has a stunning, distinctive autumnal appearance.

Whether you’re an experienced baker or this is your first time rolling out dough, these pie baking tools will help you nail every stop, from filling to decorations — and they’re all available for easy purchase online.

The Best

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The Four & Twenty Blackbirds Pie Book


Available at Barnes & Noble.

Sometimes choosing which type of pie you want to make can be difficult. The classic NYC bakery cookbook has many fall-inspired recipes including the Salted Caramel Apple. The detailed instructions and stunningly beautiful color photos won’t give you the guidance you need. techniquesWith the last section, you are done. These cookbooks give you more ideas for seasonal cuisine.

The price at publication was $30

Tovolo Silicone Pastry Mat Perfect Measurements


Available at Williams Sonoma.

Perhaps you’ve ever wondered about the look of a pie recipe. Wait — how big IS a 12-inch circle?,It is now yours! The nonstick silicone material allows you to easily roll out the dough (dimensions vary from 5 to 16 inches). This makes it suitable for mini pies as well as full-size pie. It also lists common weights, volumes, and cooking temperatures conversions, so you don’t have to Google. “centimeters to inches”You will never again have floury fingers

The price at publication was $25

McCormick Pumpkin Pie Spice


McCormick doesn’t mess around with the classics. McCormick’s pumpkin spice blends are the best. McCormick’s secret blend of warming fall spices has attracted a lot of loyal fans. They insist bulk stocking is the best option. Dual-opening lids make it easy to shake and spoon. This allows you to add some fall cheer to your coffee and measure out the correct amount of pumpkin pie. If you’re looking for the perfect teaspoon to measure your pumpkin pie, then we’ve got them.

Price at time published: $8

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OXO Good Gips Apple Slicer & Corer


Available at Bed Bath & Beyond.

For $12, you can get a tool that will make difficult jobs easier. OXO’s dishwasher-safe plastic coring tool makes coring simple AlsoIt is easier to decorate your pie than by standing at the counter using a knife. You can store it in a drawer, or in your utensil cupboard when you are not using it.

Prices at publication time: $12

Three sets of Fall Hand Pie Moulds

Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

You can make hand-sized pies with these seasonal molds. The auto-crimping feature seals the dough tightly, and the top has steam venting holes. Each piece is made from sturdy plastic with a hinged opening. This allows for quick cleaning. You have many options for baking this fall, including the pumpkin and apple shapes.

The price at publication time: $29

Explore Vanilla Gift Box Set

Courtesy beyond good

The fall flavors are sweet and rich. The base note is vanilla, which gets most of the attention. These Madagascar vanilla extracts are ethically sourced. This will enhance the flavor of your pumpkin pie recipe. If you’ve never used ground vanilla powder before, this is the time to get one. It’s extremely fragrant and easy to measure.

Price at time publication: $50

Cutter for Fall Rolling Impression Pie Crost Cutter

Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

The easy-to use cutter can be used to create intricate pie decorations. The interchangeable wheels — in apple, leaf, acorn, and braided designs — measure out perfect 2.25-inch strips with patterned impressions. Your lattices won’t only be uniformly sized but also ready for closeup. It’s NearlyIt’s too good (and simple) to be true.

The price at publication was $20

Harvest Pumpkin Foliage Oven Mitt

Surla Table

You aren’t still using that dry dish towel to take your pies off the oven. Thin, well-insulated oven mitts are ideal for safely transferring delicate pies without damaging intricate latticework. Sur La Table’s autumnal gloves are well-equipped for the job. They can also be machine washed, which is a great feature. The colors can be matched. Pot holderAlso kitchen towel for a quick decor refresh.

Price at time published: $16

Four sets of Fall Leaves Pie Crust Cutters


While Halloween or Thanksgiving-inspired decorations are fun, a classic fall foliage motif will stay in style all season long. The set includes four plastic pie cutters with whimsical leaf designs. These cutters are great for topping top crusts with decorative leaf patterns, but they can also be used to make cookies or fondant.

Prices at time of publication: $9

Le Creuset Stoneware Pie Plate


Available at Williams Sonoma.

To create the perfect crust, it is much more complicated than you might think. Le Creuset’s pie plate is a favourite. The pie plate does everything for you, and it has a rim that guides to make sure perfect edges. Like all of Le Creuset’s enameled cast iron cookware, this is naturally nonstick and a good conductor of heat — that means it’ll crisp your bottom crust beautifully. Amazon frequently changes colors, with flame and autumnal cerise being the most sought-after.

Prices at time of publication: $56

Set of 2 Deep Dish Pie Plates


You will require a pie platter if deep-dish pizza appeals to you. This style of pie is visually striking and works particularly well for apple pies — calling all filling lovers! Choose from 4 colors, and you’ll have lots of dough. The ceramic pie plates are 2.6 inches deep.

Price at time published: $40

Kitchen Blow Torch


Available at Walmart.

Crème brûlée gets all the blow torch attention, but this surprisingly useful tool is a must for dramatic meringue toppings, too. The results can be seen in this Sweet Potato Meringue Pie. The handheld torch is more reliable and produces better results than a broiler. Plus, it’s much more fun to use. The Amazon Bestseller is $30, and it has an almost perfect rating.

The price at publication was $30

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Here are 12 of the Best Fall Pie Baking Tools in 2022

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