New York Fashion Week’s Spring/Summer 2023: The best beauty looks

New York Fashion Week has arrived, and this means that a new era of beauty trends is underway. Fashion Week will showcase the latest trends in hair, nail and makeup. It’s no surprise why—the best of the best in the beauty business are responsible for dreaming up the statement-making, or in some cases, subtle glam to grace the catwalk. Designers like Pat Bo, Prabal Gurung, and Alice & Olivia have already put on their sprin/summer 2023 shows—and the fashion speaks for itself (we’ve also rounded up the best looks of the season for your perusing pleasure). But we’d like to take a closer look at the beauty magic that went on backstage and behind the scenes. 

Side parts are regaining popularity (we witnessed them again at Christian Siriano). Tommy Hilfiger) to one-off moments (à la the dreamy chrome glaze jelly nails at Rebecca Minkoff), New York Fashion Week is shaping up to be an overflowing pool of beauty inspo. Here, we’ve rounded up the best beauty looks so far—and asked the masterminds behind the scenes to share their mood boards, go-to products, and backstage secrets from NYFW. 

Christian Siriano: Old Hollywood Glamour 

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(Image credit: Rodin Banika/Getty)

With a fashion show stationed in Elizabeth Taylor’s old townhouse, it’s fairly apt that the hair and makeup inspiration was drawn from the ‘40s and ‘50s. Hair, which was supervised by stylist Lacy Redway, was dubbed “a” “modern take on the iconic Audrey Hepburn bun,”It featured a deep side section and slicked-down side bobs. This era inspired the “classic bombshell”Sofia Tilbury led makeup(opens new tab) for Charlotte Tilbury. The complete look exuded Old Hollywood glamour with a feline flick, dewy complexion, and a pop red lip. 

Kate Spade Natural Skin 

hair and makeup at kate spade

(Image credit: Cindy Ord/Getty)

Think: Caught in rain. The look for the Kate Spade showcase was natural. However, it was slightly enhanced. “The whole concept was seeing the girl’s skin. If they have freckles we want to bring out the freckles. You can keep their tanned skin. We wanted this fresh, healthy skin,”Lead makeup artist Laura Stiassni told Marie Claire. Hair was a project of Marie Claire. Jenny Kim, took a similar laid back tune. “It’s quite literal—she’s got wet hair. The biggest thing was trying to make it look beautiful and not swampy. It was about putting the right amount of movement into the hair to make it look natural.”Castor oil is her favourite product. Castor oil. “It’s a two for one: It’s good for your hair and gives a really beautiful luster.” 

Pat Bo’s Soft & Smoky 

makeup at pat bo

(Image credit: Albert Urso/Getty)

“Gunmetal glitter”Pat Bo. “The girls are all in very shimmery, sexy outfits so we wanted something to compliment that and not take away,”Makeup artist in charge Charlie Riddle says. The skin, lips, eyebrows and skin were kept super natural, so all eyes are drawn to the soft, smokey eyes. The two-product look is quick and easy to achieve—all you need is five minutes. 

Spiky Buns @ Jason Wu 

hair at jason wu

(Image credit: Arturo Holmes/Getty)

Glowy skin thanks to 111Skin ‘90s-inspired eye makeup, and an ever-so-slight contour complete with Jason Wu Beauty eyeshadow, set the stage for this beauty look, but the hair is what landed it on our list. Olaplex ambassador Jimmy Paul Three distinct looks were created: Sleek, braided, with the ends sticking out; short natural textured hair bobs; and braids.  “I wanted the hair to look purposefully messy yet put together at the same time,”He tells us this, referring to the quintessential “busy New York woman”His inspiration. 

Bold Bubble Eyes at Alice & Olivia 

makeup at alice and olivia

(Image credit: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty)

A few shows had a moment with bold, simple eyeshadows, but Alice & Olivia’It was a favorite because of its pops. Elyse Reneau(opens new tab)Too Faced’s Executive Director of Global Beauty explains that the look is a play. designer Stacey Bendet’s iconic black “bubble eye.”Although subtle in appearance, the blush placement is equally striking. It was just under the eyes. “Putting it right underneath the center of the eye makes it look very youthful,”Reneau explained. “It’s a trend that came out of Asia and it’s making its way over here. It makes you look like that natural flush, it’s very joyful.” As for the skin? Arbonne skincare prepared it. 

Prabal Gurung – Individuality 

hair at prabal gurung

(Image credit to Taylor Hill/Getty).

Prabal Gurung didn’t have uniform looks for models. They often walked the runway in one style. Lead hairstylist Lucas Wilson decided to play up the individual model’s “beautiful cuts, colors, styles, and textures.”He spoke to us. “What’s so great about this concept of hair is that you can really show how versatile models are. New Yorkers are all about individuality, so why not bring that to the runway?”Others had their appearances reshaped to make them more feminine. “severeness”The contrast would be the floral outfit. Other people wore fancy bobs or wore color wigs on their hair to create a monochromatic look. 

Spiky Mohawks Altuzarra 

hair at prabal gurung

(Image credit FernandaCalfat/Getty).

Hairstylist Jawara was tasked with creating a handful of looks for the runway—and the “mohawks,”We loved this look and took inspiration from Y2K. To achieve the look, you’ll need to section your hair into five sections, pin ‘em down with a bobby pin, and smooth flyaways with a hairspray. 

Side Parts at Tommy Hilfiger 

hair at tommy hilfiger

(Image credit to Taylor Hill/Getty).

PSA: Side pieces have officially returned. They have been seen on stars like Kim Kardashian, Dua Lipa and others over the past few months. Tommy Hilfiger showModels walked the runway wearing sleek, straight hair and long side parts. The look could be applied to all hair types and textures, and was sometimes pulled into a low ponytail. 

New York Fashion Week’s Spring/Summer 2023: The best beauty looks

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