This is the Best Gel Nail Polish Set

Regular manicures can be ruined by gel nail polish. Gel nail varnish lasts three times as long. It can however be costly and time-consuming for gel nails to be done in a salon. You can purchase gel nails at salons from $35-35. Some DIY kits cost less than $20. It’s not hard to apply your own at home, and you can easily apply designs and other decorations with a steady hand.

Choose from as few as one color to as many of two dozen, and add base and/or top coats. There are also kits available that come with buffers and files.

Two top coats are usually included in these kits. The glossy one will have a matte finish, while the matte version will be shiny. You’ll also find polishes with glitter and kits that come with rhinestones to attach to your painted nails. It is vital to verify the dimensions of any polish bottles. Gel polish can be stored in sealed containers for as long as 3 years. However, once it is opened its shelf life will be much less.

At-home gel nail polish applications don’t always require a UV lamp for drying, but using a UV lamp can result in a more finished look. This LED lamp converts gel from liquid to solid by emitting ultraviolet light. This lamp is inexpensive and comes in many kit. Wrap the polish in cotton balls, soaked in Acetone, and then wrap it in foil. Allow to dry for 15-20 minutes.

This is the Best Gel Nail Polish Set

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