These are the 5 top nail colours as chosen by Beauty Editors

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  • Because of this, they are considered the classics

    Sure, nail art is super fun and the different looks being offered at London’s best nail salons go way beyond the days of novelty cartoon drawings on index fingers. As a beauty editor, I like a simple and solid-colored manicure.

    Of course, there is a time and a place for being more playful – I always go for something a little more adventurous and cute for my Valentine’s Day nails – but for my everyday look I’m not interested in having fun nails, I want to look smart, sophisticated and expensive.

    Perhaps it’s my age? I’m well and truly into my mid-thirties now and want to look the part. And I do this with the help of some of the beauty industry’s chicest nail shades. I use these five colors to elevate my appearance every day.

    1. A sheer nude

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    Christian Louboutin’s Beauty Color in Iriclare £45 | Cult Beauty
    This super-pale nail polish is what I use when my nails want to appear natural but polished. It’s similar to the best CC Cream, as it covers any areas of discolouration and creates a perfect base. Whilst dreadfully tricky to cart around in your make-up bag – that spike could cause some serious damage – Christian Louboutin’s nail lacquers are really brilliant. This nail polish is extremely durable and has beautiful colour payoff.

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    2. A dark burgundy

    Max Factor MasterpieceXpress60s Nail Polish Mellow Merlot £5.99 | Boots
    My favorite thing is a glass of red wine. I can’t even tell you how many I love.  There’s just something about the colour. My favourite color is deep red. This color looks great on the nail. Perhaps it’s the French vibe? Dark red nails look sophisticated. You will see me at a pub with a glass red in the autumn and winter when this nail is most popular.

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    3. A greige

    Nailberry L’Oxygéné Breathable Nail Polish in Cocoa Cabana, £15
    I’m new to this shade. I’d avoid any shade that was covered by the umbrella. ‘brown’ category. Nails look great in a cross-over of a grey or a beige. Nailberry’s Cocoa Cabana is the equivalent of a cashmere jumper on the nails. An ideal weekend colour.

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    4. A pillar box red

    Rimmel Super Gel Colour in Flamenco Beach, £6.26 | Amazon
    I couldn’t compile a list of my favourite nail polish shades and not include a primary red. It’s the classic colour that works really well all year round. When I can’t choose the right shade for my nails, I like pillarbox red. Rimmel’s Super Gel is the closest I’ve come to finding an at-home manicure that can rival my beloved in-salon gels. To cure the manicure, make sure you apply the topcoat.

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    5. A pale pink

    Essie Nail Lacquer in Mademoiselle, £7.99 | Lookfantastic
    People will all tell you Ballet Slippers by Essie is perfect for pale pink. But they’re all incorrect. Mademoiselle, a perfect shade of pale pink, is in fact the best. It’s called Mademoiselle. ‘grown-up pink’ and I couldn’t agree more. It’s not the childish hues of your early years – this isn’t baby pink. The nail’s shine makes it more expensive and the colour is a perfected version.

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    These are the 5 top nail colours as chosen by Beauty Editors

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