This £4 tool makes doing nail art and French tips so much easier

It’s simple and straightforward (Picture by Getty).

French tip can be tricky to grasp at home.

This handy, inexpensive tool is great for creating both classic white tips and multicolored effects.

Simply press your nails in the tool to create nail art.

It is possible to make things more difficult.

Retailing for just £3.99 on Amazon, this Clear Silicone Gel StamperThe product has many great reviews and TikTokers are raving about it.

Some reviews say it takes the mess out of doing your own nails, while others warn it’s not the easiest to work with on short nails.

The majority of users have used the TikTok tool to great success at home. The tool has been recommended by one person: ‘These are brill. A bit of Vaseline at the edge next time perhaps then the excess will wash off?’

You can use this tip to prevent polishing your cuticles.

Paint your nails with nail polish, then apply silicone.


The nail art tool is now available These are the details.

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This £4 tool makes doing nail art and French tips so much easier

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