What is Polygel Nails and How Do I Make My Own? What are Polygel Nails?

Manicure upkeep can be difficult — when one nail chips, the whole set is ruined. Plus, there’s the question of whether or not you’re ruining your nails with treatments like acrylics or gels. Still, a polished and pretty set of nails can make you feel like a million bucks — not to mention, nails can be an outlet for self-expression via different nail shapes, polish colors and designs.

Polygel is the new manicure hero if you love the look of gel manicures, dip powder, or acrylic but don’t want to risk damaging your nails. The gel-acrylic combination gives you style and safety. So, let’s get into what actually makes the polygel formula so unique.

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What is polygel nail?

Polygel can be used to enhance nails. It’s best described by a gel-acrylic combination formula. “You get the strength of an acrylic enhancement, but then you get some of the flexibility that comes with a gel,”This explains Naomi Gonzalez-LongstaffNail designer and celebrity manicurer, “It is gel-based in terms of its consistency and texture, but a bit thicker.” Polygel nails are strong and don’t break easily if they are properly applied. Although they may feel lighter than hard gels (which can make them stronger) polygel nails are more flexible and durable than those made from harder gels. Their flexibility makes them more resistant to wear over time.


Polygel nails are better than acrylic nails.

Acrylic can also be used to create, fill or extend nails with polygel. There are some subtle differences. However, acrylic is much lighter than polygel and it’s just as tough. Polygel is different from a dip manicure which can be used to compare it with granulated Acrylic.

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Polygel can be used to treat dermatitis. Ideal for those with soft nails but not for people with more fragile nails. “It’s a great in-between for those who have good natural nails but want a little bit more stability and a little bit more strength, without the abrasiveness of acrylics,”She spoke.

Are you looking for supplies to make your own DIY gel nails?

You will need the supplies necessary to create DIY polygel nails. The process could be difficult and dangerous for your nails if you don’t have the right tools. This list contains the most important tools to make your own DIY polygel nails.

Polygel Nail Kit with 6 Colors Extension Builders

Modones Polygel Nail Set with 6 Colors Extension Builders
Credit: Modelones

Polygel Brand Nail Enhancement French Kit

Gelish Polygel French Kit for Nail Enhancement
Credit to Gelish

Polygel Nail Extension Kit with Nail Art

Beetles Polygel Nail extension Kit with Nail art

Take 15% off your order

Credit: Beetles

Polygel Nail Kit Builder Gel with LED Nail Lamp

Morovan Polygel Builder Gel for Nails with LED Lamp
Credit: Morovan

  • A polygel nail kit. You can find many online kit options with different color choices. You should choose the one that is right for you.
  • You can have two forms of nails or one. It all depends on which method you choose. Each form is made from a shell which is placed over the nail for shaping. The biggest difference between them is the shell. There are two formsThey can be used for multiple purposes. nail formsThey are intended for one-time use only
  • Layers of base and top coat. When DIYing manicures, these are the two most important things you need to know.
  • LED light. An LED nail lampIt helps cure nails, also known as. The nail can be cured by using a special tool called “Nail Cure”. “The strength of an LED light is a little bit more intense than a UV light and will help the product last longer on the nails,”She elaborates.
  • A sculpting brushWith a spatula “You want to use a designated gel sculpting brush that has a square angle tip — think of it as a paint brush,” Gonzalez-Longstaff says.
  • Use alcohol to rub. This is used to wet the brush so the polygel doesn’t completely adhere to it.
  • How to use polygel nails at your home

    The steps may vary depending on what is in the kit. Make sure to follow them for maximum results.

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    DIY Testing a Polygel Nail Kit from Amazon Prime – Makartt Polygel Kit

    You can watch it here

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    1. Make sure to file your nails. You can smoothen any rough edges to create a smooth, lasting surface.
    2. Select the nail form that fits your finger best, either the double or single. You can overlay polygel onto natural nails, but this is optional. You will most likely receive two sizes of the kit if you use it. You will find some shapes that are more curvier than others. Match your nails with the shape. “For a more natural nail look, match the dual form to the nail bed and cuticle line,” Gonzalez-Longstaff advises.
    3. Let dry your base coat under the LED light. Your kit will determine how long you need to stay under the lamp, but 60 seconds should be a general rule.
    4. Use a brush to dip your toothbrush in the alcohol-based slip or alcohol solution. This step is important because you can move the gel on your dual-form or natural nails without it sticking to the toothbrush.
    5. Use the gel to coat the nails or the dual shape. Place the polygel on the dual form. To shape the polygel into desired shapes, use your brush.
    6. Press the two-form polygel coat onto your nail to adhere.
    7. Set the gel by exposing your nails to the LED light.
    8. You can get rid of a double form if you are suffering from it.
    9. To achieve your desired appearance, file, shape, and cut nails.
    10. Finish the nail care with the top coat and dry them under an LED light.

    Acetone is used to get rid of polygel nails

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    Removal of PolyGel Nails: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

    You can watch it here

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    As with the gel, removal is done using a mixture of different techniques. “You’re going to have to file some of it off, like you do when removing acrylic nails, and then use acetone with a cotton ball wrapped around the nail, like you do for your gel manicures,”She says.

    Pronto 100% Pure Acetone
    100% Pure Acetone
    Pronto 100% Pure Acetone
    Credit: Pronto

    Each kit has its own application and removal procedure so be sure to read the instructions. You can tell if your nail polish kit contains polygel. “by looking at the removal process, because if it includes a lot of abrasiveness to the natural nail, that means the product isn’t formulated well,” Gonzalez-Longstaff notes.

    Polygel nails can last for how long?

    The actual polish lasts approximately three weeks depending on how you live. If you’re not opting to use a more affordable polygel kit in the comfort of your own home, note that in-salon prices can vary from From $75 to $150Prices will vary depending on where you live and the technician. If you’re only filling your nails in, rather than getting a full set of polygel nails, prices are likely lower.

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    What is Polygel Nails and How Do I Make My Own? What are Polygel Nails?

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