York Post Office is now a nail and beauty salon

According to plans submitted by the city council, a YORK postal office will become a beauty salon.

In September, the Acomb Post Office at Front Street was shut down. This could be restored as an aesthetic- and nail salon.

John Howlett was a planner who wrote to the council that plans were being made for the transformation of the ground floor into a beauty salon. Two treatment beds were also suggested by Howlett, as well as two nail tables.

Anand Patel, long-serving Postmaster, has resigned in September after eight years’ service.

Before Mr Patel’s departure, the local community came together and created an engraved clock to show their appreciation. The clock’s inscription read: “Anand Patel. A human in Acomb. 2013-2021”.

The September 18th, 2009 Post Office closed. “looking to restore a Post Office service in this area as soon as possible”.

York Road or Beckfield Lane? These are the nearest alternative Post Office branches.

According to the Post Office, it is still determined in returning Post Office services for this area. It also stated it will be hiring a new Postmaster. Post Office will make use of the new site.

According to a spokesperson from the Post Office, “Acomb Post Office closed in September due to the resignation of the postmaster. The post has been advertised, and the field team visited the area to talk to local retailers.

“The vacancy is to be advertised soon on www.runapostoffice.couk and we would like to hear from interested local retailers.

“We apologize for any inconvenience caused due to the temporary closure. In the meantime alternative branches include York Road and Beckfield Lane.”

Read the entire planning application at (ref. 22/00380/FUL) at: https://planningaccess.york.gov.uk

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York Post Office is now a nail and beauty salon

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